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Surveillance Detection Specialist By Dan Sommer
eBook (PDF): $9.99
"Dan Sommer's new book Surveillance Detection Specialist should be compulsory reading for every security professional, security consultant and close protection officer seriously engaged in... More > countering international terrorism. With lots of examples and illustrations, Dan studies in detail the mind of the terrorist and examines how, with proper surveillance detection, many of the appalling instances of global terrorism could have actually been prevented. Dan explains in detail the work of the Surveillance Detection Specialist and the essential importance his role is within the security detail.< Less
Security Awareness in Close Protection By Dan Sommer & Karl Demian
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The focus of Security Awareness in Close Protection should be to instill a sense of alertness and awareness in the mind of the Close Protection Specialist, as well as all other employees who are... More > involved in the security program. Security Awareness is the key factor to ensure the successful implementation of a Close Protection program. Because, people are near always the first and the last line of defense against criminal and terrorist threats. "Security Awareness In Close Protection" is a fundamental step in any professional Close Protection Specialist education. The book draw on the authors extensive international experience in the fields of Close Protection and Counter Terrorism. In addition the book draws from the wisdom of four of the worlds leading strategist's namely from; Sun Tzu "The Art of War", Miyamoto Musashi "The Book Of Five Rings", Carl Von Clausewitz "On War", and Helmuth Von Moltke "On The Nature Of War"< Less
AIDCO Marketing - 5 Steps to Business Success By Dan Sommer
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Make yourself a brand name by following Dan Sommer's simple 5-Step Marketing plan that will take you from obscurity to success. Dan is a successful Consultant who provides Career Coaching to security... More > entrepreneurs and small business managers. He teaches Success strategies to entrepreneurs, with a focus on differentiation & innovation in both Marketing & Business Management. The AIDCO Marketing 5-Steps to Business Success manual, will teach you how to make it in the global world of small business. Dan writes directly from his own experience and in his easy to understand "unedited and candid" language. If you want quick results from your marketing campaigns but you don't have a big marketing budget, then let Dan teach you how to do it. Dan will show you how you can grow your small business on a minimal budget through his simple 5-Step AIDCO Marketing Strategy. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you will soon come to regard the AIDCO Manual as your best marketing ally.< Less
Terrorist Modus Operandi By Dan Sommer
eBook (PDF): $7.95
For its candid examination of the historical, political and sociological contexts of international terrorism, Terrorist Modus Operandi is a valuable addition to counter terrorism classics. It is in... More > the category of “must read” for anyone who wants to understand the ideology and causes behind terrorism and how we can and should respond to acts of terrorism. Terrorism Modus Operandi covers the history and development of terrorism and explains in detail the full terrorist planning process from its “Original Cause” through the 8-Phases of the terrorist planning process to execution, and escape and exploitation. Including case studies and in-depth researched statistics of international terrorism incidents and specific terror groups. The final chapters explain the similarities between terrorism and organized crime and explain the best methods for detecting the terrorist planning process. According to Dan Sommer, an understanding of the mindset of terrorists is vital to success in the war on terror.< Less

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