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Forbidden Fighting Techniques of the Ninja By Ashida Kim
Paperback: $29.95
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Pass through the dark night of the soul and, like the Ninja, become a mystic-warrior of the shadows. To be a Ninja, one must be strong, one must know, one must dare, and one must be silent. To... More > assist you in your quest for knowledge of the Silent Way, Ninja author Ashida Kim presents sections on exercises, strategy, fighting techniques, and ceremonial oaths of initiation. BACK IN PRINT AFTER TEN YEARS! CONSIDERED TOO DEADLY FOR PUBLICATION! *Ninja Sword: Concealment Carry and Quick Draw *Walking Staff: Hidden Weapons Within *Retrievable Stone: Flexible/Entangling Weapons *Throwing Stars and Knives *Ninja Garrote: Strangling Techniques *PLUS: Kappo: The Art of Resuscitation *Death Touch: Vital and Fatal Points AND MORE!!!! You too, can master this ancient and forbidden art of self- defense. Every finger is a dagger, every hand a sword, every arm a spear. Thus, is the Way of the Ninja...< Less
Ninja Mind Control By Ashida Kim
Paperback: $34.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The true warrior-mystic prevails without unsheathing his weapon. He is the master of the bloodless coup. With his mental and physical dexterity, he evades and confuses the enemy into submission.... More > Ashida Kim reveals here the meditation, breathing exercises and Kuji-Kiri hand forms that will enable you to cultivate and direct your Qi, the vital life force, as well as tune into the minds of others. Through mind reading, subtle manipulations, hypnosis, and power of suggestion, you too can become a true mystic-warrior who can control the outcome of every encounter. Revised edition includes Mi Lu Kata, the Dance of Invisibility whereby the Ninja could vanish in an instant and strike the enemy unseen. softcover, 168 pages, photos and illustrations< Less
Book of the Ninja By Ashida Kim
eBook (ePub): $19.95
Ninjitsu is an 800 year old system of fighting techniques, information gathering and psychological controls made famous by the feared Ninja spies of feudal Japan. Japanese warlords of old relied on a... More > few black garbed Ninja to do what would otherwise have taken hundreds of armored soldiers to accomplish. Given here are some of the special techniques that make the Ninja invincible in combat. You will see that like most "magic tricks" the "secret of how it is done" is actually quite simple. Now anyone can become a shadow warrior of the night... THIS IS IT! The little Black Book that started it all! In 1975, before anyone else had even heard of Ninjitsu, Sensei Kim was secretly teaching it in Central Florida. BOOK OF THE NINJA was originally written as a DOJO Handbook and training syllabus. It has become a standard of reference for Ninja Dojo worldwide. 100 pages, photos and charts.< Less
The Invisible Fist of the Ninja By Ashida Kim
eBook (ePub): $19.95
INVISIBLE FIST OF THE NINJA"Looked for cannot be seen... "Listened for cannot be heard... "Felt for, cannot be stopped... -THE ULTIMATE NON-VIOLENT MARTIAL ART- WHEREBY EVEN THE MEEK... More > AND MILD CAN OVERCOME ANY ATTACKER... WITHOUT PHYSICAL CONTACT!!! -THE SECRET OF HOW TO FIGHT OR DISAPPEAR- Revealed here for the first time ever in print are the ancient and arcane methods used by the Ninja, shadow-warriors of feudal Japan, to vanish in full view of their enemies... *Black Egg/Ninja Dust Bombs *Hidden Fist Sighting System *Fire breathing Dragon Technique *Hypnosis/Way of the Mind Gate *Demon Mask School "The Ninja were men of peace who could fight like ten tigers. Their exploits in war and in the service of justice are legendary Japan even today. This is their secret method of prevailing without throwing a punch...< Less

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