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Mapping the Bible By Dmitry Zinoviev
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Every book of the Bible has a social network behind it. You are about to buy an album of colorful social networks - one exciting chart for each book, plus one more covering the whole New Testament.
Introduction to Social Informatics: Data Networks Programs By Dmitry Zinoviev
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This book is an introduction to social informatics. "Can they steal my identity " - "What does it mean encryption " - "How do Web chats work " - "What is a virus... More > " - "Who's spying on my computer " - These and many other questions are becoming important and sometimes vitally important for people who thought they had nothing to do with the computing profession. As computers and other computing devices penetrate deeper and deeper into our everyday life, we become more and more dependent on them. The purpose of this book is to show what's "running under the hood" of a computer and a computer network, where are the threats coming from, how to avoid them, and how the advent of computers and networks is changing our society.< Less
Annie's CS101 : A Charting Approach to Computer Programming By Dmitry Zinoviev
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The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of Computer Programming for an inexperienced audience, using Python - an easy, popular, and powerful programming language. The emphasis of the book... More > is not on the language itself, but on the way computer programmers think when they are dealing with their (and our) problems.< Less
The Clown Companion By Dmitry Zinoviev
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CLOWN is an open-source simulator of an Intel-type computer that includes a CPU, RAM, hard drive, DMA controller, timer, monitor, and keyboard. The package contains the simulator itself, assembler,... More > linker, and various disk utilities. CLOWN can be used to teach or study operating systems, computer organization, computer architectures, assembly programming, and probably other subjects. The book describes the organization of the package: the architecture of the CLOWN CPU and the periphery devices, thje instruction set, the syntax of the assembly language, command line options, and basic programming techniques. There are also ten programming assignments that can be used in an operating system class.< Less