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Metamorphosis 2 (Final Chapters) By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $4.86
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The long awaited conclusion to the long running saga is finally here… With Edith cementing her position as Mother Superior and Abbess to the convent with fervour we finally witness the... More > ceremony called the Point… While Irene the Headmistress of Feethams, enacts her revenge on the investigative reporter Jed, she becomes the recipient of the trials that had been so successful up at the stables of Lord Dolan… With twists and turns a plenty we also uncover the hidden truth behind the struggle for power that Madame Celeste so eagerly craves, while Madame Grace may just have pushed Lady Melissa a little too far… The story that began so long ago finally comes to fruition! WARNING ADULT MATERIAL INSIDE!< Less
Tales of The Butterfly Salon 2 By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.05
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Appearances are not always what they seem and secrets that were thought buried can always be unearthed and for Rita Porter, a proud mother and former debutant of the City of Bullchester’s... More > social elite, she had never known life any different, however that perfect world in which she resided was about to be turned upside down as the doors of the Butterfly Salon are prized open for her… But as for the perfect family she thought she had? The Sisterhood would soon expose as they forge their pathway into the world of fashion media… Whilst further away on the outskirts of the city Judith Newlington awakes in the surroundings of Cresswell’s Fertility Clinic and soon finds she is destined for family life even at her age… WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Serum By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.04
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Doctor Livsey was a brilliant and dedicated scientist on the brink of a wondrous discovery, but her rogue ideas had caused her boss ‘Professor Smit’ and owner of Gencen Labs to doubt her... More > work… Determined to stop the erratically obsessed female scientist from taking her work into forbidden territories he has no option but to terminate her experiments, however her ‘obscure’ science theories were not just theories to her and as the Professor would find out she was determined to put them into practice… WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
House 2 By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.13
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Mary Louise Chambers had been given the task by her superior to find out why no one had not heard from Roger or Gertrude Drew for almost 3 months, especially considering that the land and the... More > property they purchased had been done so with her organisations funds. A task that Mary was only too pleased to undertake and investigate to the fullest, as her ambitious nature also saw it as an opportunity to increase her standings within the sect, for Mary was an ambitious woman who lived what she believed to be the perfect life. That was of course until she stepped foot within the House… CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less

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