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Upon the Fragile Shore By Caridad Svich
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UPON THE FRAGILE SHORE is a play for four actors by Caridad Svich that explores human rights and environmental issues around the world especially in relationship to human-made tragedies and their... More > aftermath. The play centers on stories from the United States, Nigeria, Syria, Malaysia, sub-Sahara, and Venezuela. Seven interlocking stories. Fourteen characters played by four actors. All of us living on the fragile shore. A play-conversation about tragedy, hope, faith, and who we are as audience.< Less
The Archaeology of Dreams and other plays By Caridad Svich
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THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF DREAMS AND OTHER PLAYS collects four of playwright Caridad Svich's epic "fantasias" for the theatre. In addition to the title play, the volume includes THE SPELL OF EDEN,... More > which speculates on the creative relationship among Federico Garcia Lorca, Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel; RELISH MY TEARS, a dark ballad play; and CALCULATING GENESIS, which imagines a poetic memoryscape for mathematicians Paul Erdos, G.H. Hardy, Stanislaw Ulam and John Nash.< Less
Absence By Caridad Svich, Victor Rascon Banda
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ABSENCE (El Ausente) by Victor Rascon Banda in translation by Caridad Svich. Three generations of a Mexico City family endure the absence of a son and husband who have left for the United States. The... More > epic journey of the migrant northward too often overshadows the stories of the loved ones left behind-- this play tells their story.< Less