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Information Governance & E-Discovery for the Internet of Things By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
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The onslaught of the IoT is undeniable and the changes in technology and the business environment make it difficult for organizations to develop successful, practical Information Governance (IG)... More > policies and records management (RM) practices. As the IoT becomes a reality, the deluge of data discoverable in legal actions will dwarf the data tsunami that is seemingly engulfing litigation teams today. With the imminent influx of connections in the future, the number of devices and objects that ediscovery professionals will be called upon to collect data from will be infinite. IoT will lead to the discovery of everything electronic. This new Management Guide, printed in full-color, is written in clear, concise terms to assist managers, compliance managers, e-discovery professionals, General Counsel, and others in analyzing and formulating meaningful and effective policies.< Less
SharePoint 2016 & 2013 Records Management By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
Paperback: $229.00
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This new comprehensive Management Guide - printed in FULL-COLOR on high quality paper for readability - begins with SharePoint tips and caveats, and a SharePoint Governance overview. Then it lists... More > the key new features in SharePoint 2016, and what has been dropped and improved, as compared to SharePoint 2013. It then provides rich, specific detail on the improvements and additions made for a variety of features including workflow & Records Mgmt. You'll get crucial details - including screen shots and administrative functions. This Guide goes even further and delves into the RM improvements that were made in SP2010, and comparisons to SP2013/16, so the reader may see a historical perspective of the SharePoint platform. It ends with strong advice for project planning and implementation. This is a 'must have' resource for records managers and SharePoint administrators! Take a free preview of the Table of Contents, Executive Summary, and sample pages and see what this incredible training resource has to offer.< Less
Taxonomies & Metadata for E-Records By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
Paperback: $129.00
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This publication takes on the fairly complex subjects of taxonomies and metadata and lays them out simply, and understandably, in a clear way with lots of graphics and examples. The report provides... More > the latest trends and Best Practices for taxonomy development and metadata strategies - but goes further and delves into inventorying of e-records, and introduces how taxonomies and metadata tie to retention schedule development. For professionals who want current, rich detail on taxonomies, folksonomies, metadata management, social tagging, tagging vs. taxonomies and the latest from thought leaders on implementing corporate taxonomies, this easy-to-read Management Guide, filled with examples, screen shots and breakout boxes of key points, is an essential resource. FREE TRAINING VIDEO OFFER - email us your order number and receive 90 days free access to our 1 hour training video on taxonomies and metadata!< Less
Managing Vital E-Records By Robert F. Smallwood, Institute for Information Governance
Paperback: $99.99
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This crisp new Management Primer - updated for 2016 - neatly lays out Vital Records basics and then goes further by harvesting a wide range of research and Best Practices for managing vital e-records... More > and distills it clearly and concisely for you. Vital records programs and practices from around the globe are surveyed and analyzed to help your organization to create, update, maintain, audit and test your vital records program. Some of the latest technologies such as cloud computing are analyzed, and critical legal statutes and regulations are considered and presented in a readable, digestible format. Printed in FULL COLOR, this Management Primer is packed with the latest advice and information on establishing and maintaining a vital records program specifically for e-records. Varying approaches are presented, and a step-by-step process is laid out and explained in this current guide, researched by a leading expert in the field. FREE 45-minute VITAL RECORDS TRAINING VIDEO - just email us your order number!< Less