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Spiral Bound: Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitars By Bill Cory
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Opens and Lays Flat: Full size (8 1/2 x 11), over 450 photos, 240 pages. This is the only book anywhere that compares and reviews kits from the major suppliers, and explains the general... More > process of building a guitar. These quality kits offered by C.F. Martin & Co., Stewart-MacDonald, Luthiers Mercantile Int'l, and others, are the best way to begin building. They build very nice guitars, too! The author has BUILT these kits. All the major kits are illustrated and objectively reviewed in this comprehensive, impartial book. You'll find a wealth of building information and tips to help you build your first or later kits, build special tools and jigs, etc. Even if you are not a woodworker, you can build a quality instrument that matches those from many respected guitar factories. (See, hear Wayne Henderson play one: .)< Less
Acoustic Guitar Builder's Construction Journal By Bill Cory
eBook (PDF): $7.95
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Building a guitar? With this 30-page step-by-step journal, you can make your successes repeatable and keep your errors avoidable! Each step includes "Tool Tips," a short list of the tools... More > you will need. Download it just once, print it, and use it for the rest of your guitar-building life! A great resource a couple of years down the road when you want to repeat a project, remember measurements, or avoid difficulties! < Less