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What is (Qatum) Melanin Physics? By Neb Heru
Paperback: $25.55
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Learn now about the Quantum Physics of Melanin! Learn now, about activating your Supreme Neuro-Melanin, and how to activate and Open your "Black Dot" Pineal Gland and keep it open! Learn... More > how to activate your DNA records for Ultimate success and happiness! Learn about the Infinite Powers of your "Subconscious" Minds as Qatum(Melaninite)People. Know that "You" hold the Master Key to the Universe(Multiverse) Infinte and boundless, thus you hold the "Key" to your Destiny it's all within your "MELANIN"!< Less
What is Sekhemic Energy? By Neb Heru
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $22.50 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Did you know that there is a hidden substance in our Air, that when you learn to Tap into it and access this Substance can rejuvenate your life, and knock off years of unwanted stress. Did you know... More > that our Ancient Egyptian African Ancestors knew about this hidden Substance they called "Sekhemic Energy" known today as "Life Force" or Chi? Did you know that the Science World calls Sekhemic Energy "NEGATIVE IONS"? Well.. this Nun Tablet(Book) you will learn this Very Ancient Art form of Sekhemic Deep Breathing and how you can use this Power to not only restore Balance back into your Life, but learn to restore Balance in the lives of others. You will also learn this hidden Mysteries of your Subconscious Mind, How aromatherpy can be applied to re-align all your Chakras, or Energy Seats for Higher Conscious Awareness in this day and time! You know have the Power within your hands, USE IT WISELY!< Less
The Vibration of Thought Energy By Neb Heru
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Did you know that everything in the Universe (Multiverse)Vibrates and is in Constant Motion Learn the "Magical Power" of the Vibration of Thought and how you can use this Vibration for... More > your Ultimate Success!< Less
4th Dimension and the Sub-Conscious Mind By Neb Heru
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Learn the Answers to these Questions and More! What is the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND What is the "SHIFT" in Dimension What is the 4th Dimension How Do I use the Powers of My Subconscious... More > Mind to Master My Destiny What are Quantum Affirmations for Magical Powerful Success and Manifestations You Now Have The Master Keys to Master and Control your Destiny! MIND POWER is G.O.D. POWER!< Less

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