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So You're Thinking About Becoming a Mormon? By Cornelius Hyzer
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Why not find out what you have to do to become a Mormon? It is actually easier than most would think. And it can be very enlightening. Different religions believe various doctrines, but as a new... More > religion, started about 1830, you might be amazed to discover the simple Christian doctrines of the modern Church are the SAME as those in the earliest days of Christianity before corruption took over and changed so many things. The Restored Gospel is being preached throughout the world with over 75,000 full time missionaries. LEARN ABOUT IT AND LIVE IT AND LOVE IT! For millions of present day converts it is the GOOD NEWS that Jesus Christ is gathering His children in the Latter-days to bring peace and joy upon the earth. He is performing His "marvelous work and a wonder" in our time. Become part of something truly great and glorious. All you have to do is follow FIVE simple steps to gain Eternal Life together with your family.< Less
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What significant Christian doctrines does the Book of Mormon teach? Gems from the past light a path to the future in Christ the Lord. For example: The Gospel plan is to save families, God judges... More > us for our use of agency but intervenes against the wicked, the atonement is infinite, the priesthood are "chosen vessels," and we must "take upon ourselves the name of Christ" at baptism. One great GEM is the witness of the Book of Mormon to the THREE DAYS and NIGHTS Jesus was in the tomb, confirmed in the Bible by the double Sabbaths (plural in Matt. 28:1). Also the prophesy found in Isaiah pertaining to Joseph Smith is clarified in the LXX. These are just a few of the GEMS found in the Book of Mormon!< Less
Anthology I By Cornelius Hyzer
Hardcover: $49.95
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Seven great books that cover many aspects of antiquity which may not be readily known and the original contributions of Joseph Smith to the True Religion. Also my autobiography.
Making a Difference With Compassion By Cornelius Hyzer
Hardcover: $29.95
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Beginning in 1820, a young boy of only 14 years of age, began a journey that changed the world for good. His calling as a modern prophet of God brought about the restoration of ancient Christianity,... More > before creeds, before councils, before the doctrine of original sin, before the use of the cross as a symbol by Emperor Constantine the Great, and before the use of the word Trinity. Joseph Smith knew Jesus Christ as Jehovah of the Old Testament and as the risen Lord of the New Testament. Restoring the ancient priesthood and establishing the proxy ordinances of the Temple for the exaltation of the dead combined to raise the animosity of orthodox ministers and their followers to bloodletting. His death with his older brother Hyrum at Carthage sealed their testimonies with their blood. No greater witness exists in heaven or on earth to the veracity of their integrity. The truth will prevail.< Less

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