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Anthology I By Cornelius Hyzer
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Seven great books that cover many aspects of antiquity which may not be readily known and the original contributions of Joseph Smith to the True Religion. Also my autobiography.
Making a Difference With Compassion By Cornelius Hyzer
Hardcover: $29.95
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Beginning in 1820, a young boy of only 14 years of age, began a journey that changed the world for good. His calling as a modern prophet of God brought about the restoration of ancient Christianity,... More > before creeds, before councils, before the doctrine of original sin, before the use of the cross as a symbol by Emperor Constantine the Great, and before the use of the word Trinity. Joseph Smith knew Jesus Christ as Jehovah of the Old Testament and as the risen Lord of the New Testament. Restoring the ancient priesthood and establishing the proxy ordinances of the Temple for the exaltation of the dead combined to raise the animosity of orthodox ministers and their followers to bloodletting. His death with his older brother Hyrum at Carthage sealed their testimonies with their blood. No greater witness exists in heaven or on earth to the veracity of their integrity. The truth will prevail.< Less
Making A Difference With Compassion By Cornelius Hyzer
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From his First Vision in 1820 until his martyrdom in 1844, Joseph Smith introduced doctrines, priesthood ordinances, and a system of Church governance that changed the world on a global level and... More > individual lives on a profoundly personal level. Faith in Jesus Christ increased exponentially and an entire group of people was lifted spiritually closer to God as America burst forth into the modern era. And the best is yet to come.< Less
A Class of One By Cornelius Hyzer
Paperback: $7.95
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From a poor Wisconsin farm family in 1925, young Donald learned the habits of thrift and hard work that made his life a beautiful experience. With the love of his high school sweetheart, he... More > finished college, raised a family, and traveled the world. His life was greatly broadened and deepened by the literary and artistic talents of his bride. She took him to operas and classic art galleries around the world. She showed him vistas he never could have imagined, and then she painted them, with oils, that he encouraged her to learn how to do. Together they experienced life to its fullest.< Less