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Quarantine: Episode 6 of 10 By Stefano Fornacciari
eBook (ePub): $1.56
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The Chronicles of survivors of a mysterious event that has transformed the people of the nation in carnivorous monsters. The society, as they knew, is gone and now the humans have become prey. While... More > the nation is in quarantine, the protagonists will try to reach the border and salvation.< Less
White Lightning: Episode 1 of 10 By Stefano Fornacciari
eBook (ePub): $1.48
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1944, in northern France, in a secret Nazi base, experiments are carried out to create a "super soldier", last attempt to turn the tide of World War II. John Simmons, subjected to Nazi... More > experiments, acquires paranormal powers. Helped by a British spy Frank Harris and the French resistance, will fight the Kymera, German special unit, technologically advanced, and the armies of Nazi super soldiers.< Less
Deadface: Revenge 1 of 3 By Stefano Fornacciari
eBook (ePub): $1.06 (excl. taxes)
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Steve Guerriero, working for a criminal organization. Don Vito Marciano, Boss of the organization, discovers the relationship between Steve and his wife Sarah, organizing their execution. The woman... More > dies, while Steve saved from homelessness, disfigured in the body and face, prepares his revenge against the organization and the boss.< Less
Stealth Assassin: Episode 9 of 9 By Stefano Fornacciari
eBook (ePub): $1.48 (excl. taxes)
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In a not distant future, Kein Maxwell, the last descendant of a lineage of professional killers, is the leader of a secret team of assassins. Working undercover for the department of defense, take... More > care of the dirty work. The Orion inc. a multinational at the service of the department, is creating problems, culminating in a deadly feud. Kein Maxwell and his team will have to fight a secret battle with the Orion inc., Between earth and space.< Less