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Boeing - A History By peter dancey
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This is an up-to-date revised Boeing Plane-makers of Distinction published by this author on Lulu ebooks in 2010. This book includes all the historical details as well as all the latest information... More > such as the F/A-22 Raptor, Dreamliner, and XB-45 UCAV. The complete history of Boeing from Seattle to Chicago and their response to the EADS Airbus challenge world-wide< Less
British Biplane Bombers - A History By peter dancey
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This ebook is the full history of British Biplane Bombers from WW I. RNAS, RFC RAF, Independent Force aircraft inter-war airplanes until 1937 and the introduction of the first RAF monoplane bombers.... More > It gives full details of each types design and development, units and deployments and of particular interest to the Aero Modellers ful details of finish and markings for each type and individual unit marking s for day and night bombeer operations as well as overseas bomber-transports< Less
British WW I Strategic Bombers By peter dancey
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Much has been written about RAF WW II long-range bombers, especially the Avro Lancaster, but it was in WW I that the idea of deploying long-range strategic bombers to bomb Germany the airplanes to be... More > operated by the Independent (Bomber) Force on the Western Front. This book also tells the little known history of the dedicated American H-pip O/400 version and the Vickers Vimy that continued in RAF service in the inter-war years having missed WW I due to delay in it entering full operational RAF service.< Less
War in the Pacific By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $14.46
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This book tells the story of the Allied land, sea and air war in the Far East from 1942 to its conclusion in August 1945. The full story of the Japanese fatal gamble.