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Hawker Kestrel Evaluation By peter dancey
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The P-1127 Kestrel evaluation flown during the 1960's at RAF West Raynham was tasked to assess the VTOL airplane for use as an front-line operational support aircraft, though it was the USMC's order... More > for the AV8A Harrier I, that led to the UK developing the type for the RAF. the RAF GR,9 (Harrier II) airplanes finally withdrawn in the new millennium, the airframes sold at 'knock-down' price to the USMC for spares!< Less
Royal Air Force Flights - A History Bk 1 By peter dancey
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Many books have been written detailing RAF Squadrons, and squadron histories, many squadrons have complete volumes in their own right. Not so well documented is the history of RAF Flights dating from... More > WW I in 1918, when the RFC on amalgamation with the RNAS the RAF gained a large number of Naval Coastal Defence flights. Since then as and when necessary or operational reasons when a a full squadron was not needed or deployed. The service has formed a Specific Flight to undertake the task and many have remained in existence or been carried over from one decade to another. This is the first volume of a set of three books that gives a complete record of this very interesting but lesser known 'History of the RAF'< Less
Royal Air Force Flights - A History Bk 2 By peter dancey
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This second in the set of three 'History of RAF Flights' covers the 400 series to 1900 series Flights. communication, Calibration Ferry Flights, Delivery flights, and the A-Z of Flights, culminating... More > with the 'H' Headquarters Flights the rest to be detailed in book 3..< Less
Royal Air Force Flights - A History Bk 3 By peter dancey
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This volume completes this authors 'The History of RAF Flights' H-Z. It also includes full details and the history of the BoBMF its origins at RAF Biggin Hill until present day at the EAW Fighter... More > base at RAF Coningsby. More numbered flights. The Special Duty Flights clandestine operations and much more. Each volume gives full details of the formation of each Flight and its equipment and types flown including dates until disbandment. Other detailed accounts cover the Belize Harriers and Helicopter Flights maintained for the country's defence for many years, and the Falklands Islands postwar operations first at Port Stanley then Mount Pleasant until present day. As well as all current Flights and recent Iraqi and Afghan units operations and equipment and duration.< Less