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The Gruen Watch Repairer's Reference - Hardcover Edition By Mike Barnett
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HARD COVER edition for a lifetime of Gruen reference information. More rugged than the soft cover which often shows signs of wear after a few years of frequent use. Previously privately available... More > only, this book is now available to the public so that anyone wanting a durable, more permanent addition to their horological library can have one. An enormous compilation of Gruen reference material that can be used by any Gruen collector or Gruen watch restorer. Contains all 4 of the main Gruen Material Catalogs along with very rare versions from 1921, 1926, supplements, etc. All of the Gruen published material information is contained in this book. This reference is a must for Gruen restorers and collectors interested in learning more about the movements and inner workings of Gruen watches.< Less
Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Vol 2 By Mike Barnett
Paperback: $60.00
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The Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volume 2 was 3 years in the works and extends the only full-color series of Gruen Model ID guides. Volume 2 used same laborious process of utilizing Gruen... More > published advertising material to obtain the images and the accompanying data. The result is a very accurate guide that's stunning to see. This is not a "Price Guide". The only prices are the ones the watches originally sold for. But the illustrations are better than anything you've seen in price guides. The book's title describes exactly what the books are for -- Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide. Use these books to identify your Gruen watch, when it was made, other variations, plus quite a bit of technical data. These books have been described as "Coffee Table" books because they're so detailed and are in color. Enjoy all of the hard work the men and women of the Gruen Company put into their timepieces.< Less
Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volumes 1 & 2(hardcover) By Mike Barnett
Hardcover: $100.00
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A lifetime of color illustrated Gruen watches awaits you in this Hardcover Collector's Edition of the Gruen Identification Guide. This single book contains BOTH volume 1 and volume 2 of the... More > series. This hard cover book contains the complete contents of both volumes of the Gruen Watch Model Identification Guides. Nothing has been left out of either volumes. Volume 2 is presented at the beginning as it contains a combined index for both of these beautiful books. If you don't yet own either volume, this is a great opportunity to pick up both in a durable hardcover format for only $10 more than the combined price of the two soft cover volumes. Volume 1 contains over 380 Gruen watch illustrations with model names, date of production, original price, case material, etc. Pictures are life sized to make finding a match of your watch easier. Volume 2 adds over 640 watch illustrations, 60% more than volume 1, bringing the total to over 1,000 Gruen models in this single book that combines the two volumes.< Less
Gruen The 1940's A Decade of Watches from the Daily News By Mike Barnett, Shari Barnett
Paperback: $27.00
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A NEW series of books on Gruen watches, Gruen The 1940's focuses on watches advertised during that decade. Year by year watches and their descriptions are presented to aid collectors in identifying... More > their Gruens or read the colorful ads that ran in your typical US and Canadian newspapers. There are a massive 1,625 watch illustrations presented in black and white on 340 pages. Additionally, there are 3 indexes, by date chronologically, by model name, and a large table with data such as price, number of jewels, case material, etc, that is sorted by model type then by name. It is a Gruen watch researchers dream come true!< Less