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Roses Are Red, Violence Is Blue: A True Story of a Nightmare Valentine By Angela Goodnight
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Angela Goodnight is a love, sex & relationship blogger as well as being an agony aunt. She began writing erotica in 2013 after retiring from a very successful translation career &... More > rediscovering her teenage sweetheart. Her own life has been filled with relationship issues which began when she was prevented from keeping in touch with her high school lover. Her parents considered the teenagers’ sexual relationship inappropriate & when they moved to Stafford they destroyed letters so that both thought the other had decided to have a clean break. Angela has always been a very sexual person & she has had many partners including a bisexual relationship. In 1984, at the age of 34, she thought she had finally found a replacement for her teenage lover & married one of her business clients. An idyllic start to their marriage quickly developed problems & this book tells the horrific true story of the abuse she suffered at the hands of the man who had vowed to love & honour her when they married.< Less
Roses Are Red, Violence Is Blue: A True Story of a Nightmare Valentine By By Angela Goodnight
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Angela Goodnight is a well known erotic author and sex blogger. She has had a long, happy and sexually fulfilling life, but wanted to tell people about this particularly violent relationship. It is a... More > true story of her abusive first marriage, but names and some other details have been changed to protect individuals. The story is sexually explicit and describes how a loving realationship became a personal horror for the author. It is a cautionary tale which is dedicated to everyone who has been sexually abused.< Less
True Seaside Love Story: A Teenage Boy's Erotic Tale of Sexual Discovery, Lost Virginity and Passion in Sixties' England By Peter Stone
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This is Peter's true story of his teenage love affair. It tells of his first intimate exploration of his girlfriend & hers of him. It leads to their mutual loss of virginity plus the heady weeks... More > of love, sex & the discovery of each other's orgasms which followed. Despite the flower-power & hippie revolution, free love was the domain of colourful urban fashionable groupies, not provincial teenagers. Sex education was non-existent & most teenagers, particularly boys, knew little about the opposite sex. The clitoris was a mystery to most girls, unheard of by boys & obliterated by an airbrush in all 60's UK porn! In True Seaside Love Story, Peter describes their fascinating sexual adventure at the end of the summer 1964. Girls - if you have ever wondered about a boy's sexual feelings then this is also the book for you, but there is more to it than just erotica. It is an exciting romantic adventure, overflowing with love, feeling & great sensitivity. This is written from the heart.< Less
An Erotic Story of Love, Lost Virginity, Sex and Orgasm: Tommy’s Romantic Tale Is of Young Love, Sexual Desire and Intimate Exploration, Told from a Teenage Boy’s Perspective By Peter Stone
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The story is set in the 1960s. In theory free love was all around, but sexual ignorance among teenagers was rife. Sex education was from diagrams of the basic biological mechanics. Pornography was no... More > help as showing genitals in the UK was illegal. All most boys knew about girls was that there was a hole somewhere in a slit between their legs and that was about it. There was no Internet in those days! This true story of Tommy and Fiona's first love as they prepared for university entrance, takes us from their earliest fumbling petting through lost virginity and falling hopelessly in love with each other and beginning their sexual exploration of each other's bodies. However, losing their virginities was a disastrous experience which almost destroyed their relationship. After recovering from that trauma they had more obstacles to encounter before the story ends. The sex and emotions are explicit and beautifully described. The writing is superb and grammar exemplary. A truly great read.< Less