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Words: Radical Spiritual Perspectives By James Reesor
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Randomly selected messages from the Elijah archives are designed to stimulate debate. Readers will enjoy insights into the nature of children, the spiritual life and death shipping company, prayer... More > power, Heaven, the ministry of prophets -- and much more!< Less
Politics: James Reesor for Governor By James Reesor
eBook (ePub): $3.33
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Taking a peek into the experiences of James Reesor as a 1974 gubernatorial candidate in Tennessee will make even the most ardent member of the media more willing to reconsider political ideas. He may... More > try again in 2010 at age 72.< Less
Fire Hot BIG RED BOOK By James Reesor
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This explosive 780-page “Fire Hot BIG RED BOOK” is filled with information needed to save your family, save your country, and save your planet. The price was set high to make sure only... More > serious, intelligent, open-minded people will decide that reading every page and supporting this project is a top priority. America is trending on a downward spiral to disaster and is in need of divine intervention. The TV&DVD documentary based on this book must reach the world without delay. Moral supporters can visit to stay updated. Be sure to celebrate White Horse Independence day on July 4th 2013.< Less
James Reesor's Crazy Patriots Twitter Tweets By James Reesor
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Urgent alert for political and religious leaders regarding the July 4, 2012, supernatural event -- and each day forward until the final world war.