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Paul Clark, Donna Hapac, Bruce White By Stanislav Grezdo, Victor Cassidy
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Catalog for the exhibition at UIMA features works by three Chicago contemporary artists working in three different innovative media: two sculptors and one photographer, each developing their own and... More > individual style. Inspired by plants, birds, and sea creatures, Donna Hapac builds sculptures from reed, waxed linen thread, and wood. Paul Clark takes pictures of Chicago’s urban fences and brick walls and presents them printed onto different materials. Bruce White’s preferred materials are stainless steel and aluminum. He used a plasma arc cutter to make pattern-like openings in the pieces and finishes them with colored powder-coats.< Less
An Exploratory Journey By Stanislav Grezdo, Ron Kostyniuk
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Ron Kostyniuk: An Exploratory Journey documents a series of sculptures created by Kostyniuk, which explore the artist's engagement with an assortment of different art related concepts.
Survival, Spirit, Dreams, Nightmares By Stanislav Grezdo, Adrienne Kochman
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Exhibition "Survival, Spirit, Dreams, Nightmares" brings together four artists – René Hugo Arceo, Peter Dallos, Mark Nelson, and Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern – addressing... More > personal journeys within unique cultural milieus. Each comes to their work from a position of processing serious socio-political conflict – ethnic discrimination, colonialism, genocide, and persecution – both past and present. Unresolved by an external world gone awry, they have turned to internal realms of existence for meaning. Anger, loss, impartiality, separation, discomfort are among the issues they address, mediated through different coping vehicles. Arceo balances activism by connecting to his native and sometimes mystic origins; Dallos addresses the tension between Western and non-Western civilizations through the industrial weight and beauty of natural materials; Satire and humor shape human resilience in the works of Petrovsky-Shtern; and for Nelson, colonial affiliation is offset by the sometime detached but empathic observer.< Less
Artists Respond to Genocide By Stanislav Grezdo, Adrienne Kochman
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In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Holodomor-Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933 in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago (UIMA)organized the exhibition “Artists Respond to... More > Genocide”. The exhibition addresses genocides of the world, the deliberate massacre of millions of people targeted on the basis of group membership – such as ethnic, national, cultural, and religious. This exhibition features the work of 20 local, national, and international artists, including: Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak, Evhen Prokopov & Orest Baranyk, Harold L. Cohen, Klaus Eyting, Christine Forni, Larysa Kurylas, Jason LaMantia, Arthur Lerner, Jackie Moses, Bonnie Peterson, Klaus Pinter, Mary Porterfield, Dominic Sansone, Susanne Slavick, Marzena Ziejka, Eden Unluata, Erika Uzmann, Mandy Cano Villalobos and Pat Zalisko.< Less