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Watauga County, N.C. - Road Records (1867-1884) By Stewart Dunaway
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Watauga County was formed in 1849 from parts of Ashe, Wilkes, Caldwell, and Yancey County. If you were to look at this county’s formation like a descendants tree, the oldest records would be... More > Wilkes (ignoring Rowan) then Ashe (1799), followed by Yancey (1833) and Caldwell (1841). Yet, even Watauga was reduced in size when Mitchell County was formed in 1861 (as well as parts of many other counties). Then in modern times Avery County was formed from part of Watauga in 1911 (along with other counties). Despite all of these changes, this county preserved a lot of material housed in four fibred boxes. This book contains records from the first two boxes. The third and fourth box contain more modern records, as well as records being filed by title – such as a law suit (over a road) etc. In Box 3 there was a bridge contract which is included in this book. There was not a dedicated box (or folder) pertaining to bridges. In addition this volume does NOT include all of the overseer appointment records.< Less
Chatham County, N.C. Road and Bridge Records - Vol 1 By Stewart Dunaway
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Here is Volume 1 of 2 volumes dealing with Chatham County, NC road and bridge records which reside in the State Archives in Raleigh. It includes a picture of the petition, followed by a transcript,... More > which is indexed and a table of contents to assit research. This volume covers over 100 years - 1781 to 1899! Volume 2 will be available in the near future. *** Updated with more information, new index (Last, First)< Less
Chatham County, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records - Vol 2 By Stewart Dunaway
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Here is the second (and final) volume in the Chatham County Road and Bridge Records. These records were in the NC Archives, yet, remained un-cataloged (although boxed and gathered by year). Now each... More > record has a title for a table of contents and an exhaustive index for easy searching of key names, rivers, etc. This is the first county that has 20th century records and marks an interesting era.** Updated index (Last, First) minor edits< Less
Person County, N.C. Road and Bridge Records - 1797 - 1888 By Stewart Dunaway
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Here is the collection of Person County, North Carolina Road and Bridge records. These records have details about where the roads were located, where bridges were located, the rivers and creeks, as... More > well as historical information about commerce, growth, bridge costs and general N.C. road/bridge infrastructure development. Person County was divided off of Caswell County, and was also part of Orange County, way back in time. Each record includes the image of the original, and a short transcript of the road/bridge information. This book was then indexed and cataloged to make research easier. These records are PART of the N.C. Archive collection. NOT ALL pieces of paper were photographed nor were names/signatures transribed in their entirety.< Less