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First Time With a Fisherman By Daniel Blue
eBook (PDF): $2.49
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Hans lives in a small town stuck out on a limb by the sea. Loneliness, and his hunger to be with a man are driving him to distraction. One day, while out walking on an empty beach, he sees a... More > fisherman wearing just a pair of wet underpants. It is as if this man has stepped straight out of his dreams. Their lovemaking is everything that Hans could ever have hoped for but Luke has commitments and is not available to feed Hans' growing desire. The next day Hans meets Luke's friends and soars on the wings of ecstasy once more. And then after that his hopes are dashed once more. The weeks roll into months and soon a year has gone by. And then one day, while looking out to sea, Hans meets another fisherman. This man is younger and unattached. This time Hans knows that he has found the special one. That is the gist of the story but what I concentrate on is describing the sexual heat and passion of Hans' journey into love.< Less
First Time Tales By Daniel Blue
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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Do you remember your first time? Remember being so excited that you could hardly breathe as you eyes drank in the beauty of naked flesh for the first time and your hands explored smooth skin and... More > rampant urgency? Rekindle the fire with these steamy first time tales of homoerotic love and seduction. Lose yourself in page after page of heat, passion and desire. These cherry-popping tales are guaranteed to work up a sweat and keep you up all night. This collection is a reworking of my previously published stories; I have extended them by adding in a lot more of the juicy man-on-man action that my readers like. Say yes to life, lust and desire: say yes to 'First Time Tales'. Now is the time to surrender to red hot tales by Daniel Blue.< Less
Man Lust X 2 By Daniel Blue
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Sometimes the only person who can understand the urgency and potency of a man's lust is another man. Sometimes the touch of another man's hand is just what a man needs. Return to the jungle in your... More > soul, roam free drenched in the sweat of testosterone and drink deeply from the fountain of memory as you read. Feel the power in a pair of muscular, sun-bronzed thighs; tingle under the gaze of a pair of dark, soulful eyes that undress you when you meet. Feel the heat, the pulse, the beat of life, love and lust with Man Lust X2. Inhabit the minds of hungry men and discover their insecurities; see their inhibitions tumble and journey with them to the ambrosial moment of release. Celebrate the power that a big, masculine man can feel when he gives himself up to another man's lust and longing. This collection of stories runs to over 170 000 words, providing you with ample opportunity to lose yourself in fantasy and rekindle passions that may have been on the back burner for too long.< Less