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Mail Order Brides: Taming His Montana Sweetheart By Emma Andersen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Victoria never expected to trade in her expensive gowns and jewels for a two-bedroom cabin in frontier Montana and a man that refuses to love any woman, especially a socialite from the East. Victoria... More > has to learn how to go from a house full of servants to a cattle ranch with more chores than time. Will she survive the Montana frontier and the man who is intent on taming her fiery temper with a heavy hand? James Ashland is a man dedicated to his Montana cattle ranch. He has found neither time nor inclination to court women. It is desperation that has him writing an ad in the papers for a mail order bride. When he sends for Victoria, James expects a woman who will not complicate his life. What he gets is a woman who pushes the boundaries and forces him to face emotions that have long tormented him. Contains material of an adult nature, for adults only. Domestic discipline, spanking, historical spanking romance, mail order bride.< Less
Shattered Dream By Emma Andersen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
***This book was previously published under pen name J.P. Winters and titled Shattered Dreams. It has since been edited and parts of the story were re-written and expanded on. This book is for Adults... More > Only In the beginning, Katelyn finds it endearing that Patrick is controlling and demands certain things. She mistakes his behavior for love and desire. Over time, Katelyn learns that Patrick’s control can quickly turn violent and finds she is too often punished in painful and unconventional ways. Realizing she is stuck in a relationship where discipline is both frequent and harsh, Katelyn yearns for escape. When a way out is within reach, will Katelyn take the opportunity to have freedom from his control or choose to remain with Patrick? This book looks at domestic discipline from a different angle than my other books. This book contains violence, spanking, domestic discipline, and sexual content. If any of these subjects are offensive, do not buy this book. This book is for Adults Only!< Less
Crystal Cove: Catching Kenzie By Emma Andersen
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The town of Crystal Cove is a town where morals and values from years gone by are not only recognized, but also enforced. The town operated on the notion that males are the head of the family and... More > should utilize domestic discipline to maintain a strong marriage. Makenzie Armstrong has always been a runner, finding problems far easier to deal with when you just run away. Makenzie grew up in Crystal Cove, defying nearly every rule set out for her and always running off at the first sign of trouble. It was no wonder that she ran from Crystal Cove, heading to New York City as soon as she received her diploma. Five years later, Kenzie is restless and lonely, she returns to Crystal Cove. When Kenzie and her ex, Derrick, find themselves in a compromising situation, they both agree to marry to avoid any scandal. Can Derrick and Kenzie resolve their differences? Is their marriage destined to failure or can they resolve their issues? This story is for adults only and contains the spanking of an adult woman.< Less

Age Verification Required
Age Verification Required

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