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Mail Order Brides: Taming His Montana Sweetheart By Emma Andersen
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Victoria never expected to trade in her expensive gowns and jewels for a two-bedroom cabin in frontier Montana and a man that refuses to love any woman, especially a socialite from the East. Victoria... More > has to learn how to go from a house full of servants to a cattle ranch with more chores than time. Will she survive the Montana frontier and the man who is intent on taming her fiery temper with a heavy hand? James Ashland is a man dedicated to his Montana cattle ranch. He has found neither time nor inclination to court women. It is desperation that has him writing an ad in the papers for a mail order bride. When he sends for Victoria, James expects a woman who will not complicate his life. What he gets is a woman who pushes the boundaries and forces him to face emotions that have long tormented him. Contains material of an adult nature, for adults only. Domestic discipline, spanking, historical spanking romance, mail order bride.< Less
My Sweet Little Melody: An Ageplay Story By Emma Andersen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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While researching a story for her University newspaper, Melody finds herself deeply immersed in an age regression study. Anxious to learn more about the reality of age regression, Melody ends up... More > touring a small town that was built for the care of full-time adult-babies, completely unaware that she is the primary subject. Wes Turke always enjoyed caring for adult-babies during his free time. When he was approached by Dr. Sharps to work in Dr. Sharps’ age-regression town on a permanent basis, Wes was more than agreeable to the terms. Wesley Turke was surprised to find the perfect woman to be his adult-baby in Melody. Willing or not, he was intent on turning the cute college student into his full time adult-baby. Wes will stop at nothing to be with his sweet little Melody. FOR ADULTS ONLY! Contains material that may be offensive to some- age play, adult-babies, forced regression, diapering, spanking of adult woman. adults only!< Less
For Love of the Coach By Emma Andersen
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Coach Carson always saw the promise in his star soccer player, Lexi. He advocated for her with colleges and she ended up with a choice of full ride scholarships to college. One year later, Coach... More > Carson is blown away when he sees Lexi getting fired from the local coffee shop and not off on a college campus like she should be. He decides he has no other choice but to take her under his wing and help her get her scholarships back, even if it means breaking some of her bad habits with an old-fashioned spanking. Little does he know that Lexi has harbored feelings for him for years. This is for ADULTS ONLY and contains material that may be offensive to some; including the spanking of an adult woman. If this is offensive to you, do not buy or read this book.< Less
Hopewell Series: To Honor and Obey, Drive Me Crazy, It's What You do to Me By Emma Andersen
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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The Hopewell Series in one book. For adults only! To Honor and Obey, Eden swore she would never return to Hopewell or get married to a domineering man.Eden ends up married and back in Hopewell. After... More > her first trip across his knee, Eden realizes her new husband will make an obedient wife of her. Drive Me Crazy- After her parent’s death, Alyssa is back in Hopewell to take care of their estate. She wants nothing more than to wrap up their affairs as soon as possible and get back to her free spirited life. After running into Josh,Alyssa finds herself asking his help in teaching her responsibility. Even if those lessons come in hard over the knee spankings. It’s What You Do To Me, When Keeley wakes up in Vegas next to her best friend's brother, she knows that what follows can't be good. Derrick not only wants to stay married to Keeley but he also is a dominant man who insists on more traditional roles in marriage and that includes punishments for his wife when she misbehaves.< Less

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