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British Aerospace -Origins By peter dancey
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This ebook is an illustrated adjunct to this authors British Aircraft Industry Since 1909 ISBN 978-1-78155-229-2 published by Fonthill Media Ltd January 2014. It gives further details of the... More > transition of BAC to BAe in 1982 and the state of the British Aviation in 1982. It also gives details of the British aviation industry efforts to complete urgent changes and modifications to aircraft deployed and involved in the Falklands War in 1982, supplementing details in this authors third edition The Avro Vulcan - A History ISBN 978-1-78155-232-2 published September 2014 by Fonthill Media Ltd.< Less
Starfighter By peter dancey
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Many Lockheed employees called the F-104 Starfighter the 'Missileer' which it was, the USAF soon got rid of it, but the German pilots wives named the F-104G the 'Widow Maker' as it certainly needed a... More > well trained pilot to keep it in the air. Though the Italians loved it with the Alenia F-104ASA< Less
Europe's Super Jumbo By peter dancey
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In early December 2014 EADS Airbus announced they had not sold a single A380 'Super Jumbo' in the year. Giving rise to the question, is there a future for the giant transport and was the decision to... More > design and build it the right one. If the project is cancelled many jobs throughout the UK and Europe are at risk. It looks as if Boeing's decision to build the 787 Dreamliner instead was the right one. Maybe Airbuses 'new' A350 challenger can redress the balance.< Less
Cold War Apaches By peter dancey
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Details of the early Boeing (MDH) AH-64A Apache attack helicopters used by the US Army 101st Airborne to open the attacks during Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf.