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Salvation & Eternal Life 101 Scripture Quotes By D. Philipp Kaiser
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A while back, while meditating about God, I wanted to read more in the Scripture about Salvation and Eternal Life. I built this collection of 101 Scripture Quotes so that I could easily find, read... More > and meditate on one each day, and if you use it that way, it will cover 101 days… I would then just start over again, but use it as works best for you. I have added my feelings about what each Scripture quote means to me; they are only notes to me and ignore them if you want, as my words may not correctly get the Lord’s messages across. Freely use whatever you want, and then pray and thank God, but not me as I am only a channel for our Lord. I am at best only a very small and feeble beam of light pointing the way towards the Light of Christ… Copy and share this book with anyone to spread God’s Word and His Kingdom. Remember, Choose God each and every day, for to Choose is Worship, and Worship is Love, and our unconditional Love is what our God always wants most from us. More at< Less
Erlösung & Ewiges Leben 101 Schrift Zitate By D. Philipp Kaiser
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Vor einer Weile, während der Meditation über Gott, wollte ich mehr in der Schrift über die Erlösung und das ewige Leben zu lesen. Ich baute diese Sammlung von 101 Schrift Zitate,... More > so dass ich einfach zu finden, zu lesen und zu meditieren auf der einen jeden Tag, und wenn man es auf diese Weise verwenden, wird es 101 Tage decken ... Ich würde dann einfach wieder von vorne anfangen, sondern sie als Werke beste für Sie. Ich habe meine Gefühle über das, was jede Schrift Zitat bedeutet für mich aufgenommen, sie sind nur Notizen auf mich zu und ignorieren Sie sie, wenn Sie wollen, als meine Worte nicht richtig Meldungen des Herrn zu vermitteln. Frei verwenden, was Sie wollen, und dann beten und Gott sei Dank. Kopieren Sie und teilen Sie dieses Buch mit jedermann zu Gottes Wort und sein Reich zu verbreiten. Denken Sie daran, Gottes Wählen Sie jeden Tag, zu wählen, ist für Gottesdienst und Anbetung ist Liebe, und unsere bedingungslose Liebe ist, was unser Gott will immer die meisten von uns.< Less
WIDOWER Our story of GOD’s Grace, Mercy, and Blessings By D. Philipp Kaiser
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This Edition of WIDOWER is a Large Print Book (APHont 18) specifically designed for low vision readers. This story is about our lives together… the wonderful and the not so wonderful, the good... More > and the bad as My Betty and I, first as Best Friends, and then as one as Man and Wife, walked God’s path together for over forty-five years. More importantly, this is our story of God's Grace, Mercy, Blessings, and Love that my wife and I received during our life together... More at< Less
Will of the Volga By D. Philipp Kaiser
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Will of the Volga is the sixth of my novels spinning the stories of the struggles of different German families and their many descendants, as they emigrated ever farther away from old Germany. This... More > story begins in Kröffelbach, a 2 day ride northeast of Frankfurt. A miller, Philipp Will and his wife Anna Veronica Holland, wonder if the rains will ever stop. They do, but the following flood washes away their mill and everything else. That flood changed their lives and the lives of many others forever. As you move through the the next 154 years, you will meet many more spinning out their lives. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as a fictional story; but remember, this is fiction and fantasy, and not a research manual, and you should not assume any of it true. Some of it is, much of it is not! Hopefully, reading it may spark some questions about your own ancestors, and it may help you think about God, from who these amazing people got their strength to overcome all obstacles. More at< Less