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Daughter of My Heart: Cela's Letters Home By L.T. Bentley
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To every season there is a purpose. Every life that touches us, for a moment, for a lifetime, happens for a reason. What we take from those moments is ours to grow from and flourish, or reject and... More > fail to thrive. No matter how much time a person spends in your life, they have something to teach you. Whether you understand the lesson or not, if you let them touch your life, they can alter you forever. I have had that blessing come to me. Cela was my foster daughter, an indomitable soul, a survivor, and through journals and letters, I was permitted to truly meet her and know her, not just the face that the world sees. That contact changed me forever and took me on a transformative journey through the world and through her soul's evolution. This is her story and mine because she chose to bring me along for the ride.< Less