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The Firebrands of Science Fiction By Ron Miller
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SF pulp magazines have the undeserved reputation of being unremittingly sexist. Yet inside the magazines story after story featured feisty, strong-willed, intelligent women who stood on their own two... More > feet—when they weren’t floating a yard above the deck plates of their spaceship. As a tip of the hat in acknowledgment to these extraordinary women, we present six examples of the Firebrands of Outer Space... Illustrated< Less
Return to Skull Island By Ron Miller
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Only moments after a giant ape crashed onto 34th Street, filmmaker and entrepreneur Carl Denham found himself on the run, with not only insurance companies hot on his heels but Thomas Dewey, the... More > fiery District Attorney of New York City. It's a flight, however, that throws Denham squarely into the convoluted machinations of a mysterious, bronze-haired tigress named "Patricia Wildman," machinations that take the pair from running guns to a Central American revolutionary to finding themselves in Manchuria in the midst of the Chinese struggle against the Japanese. Carl and Patricia deal as best they can with prisons and firing squads, madmen and zealots---all to say nothing of the Japanese navy, a ruthlessly ambitious officer and the fate of the civilized world. But never did either of them think that the answer to their dilemma lay in leading a Japanese invasion of fabulous Skull Island and the mind-boggling secret that waited for them there.< Less
Velda Gets Knotty By Ron Miller
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A crazed killer is terrorizing the city! Authorities are helpless! The police are baffled! Who can they turn to but that remorseless nemesis of crime, that selfless crusader, that valkyrie of... More > vengeance: VELDA: GIRL DETECTIVE!< Less
Bradamant---The Iron Tempest By Ron Miller
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In the demon-haunted world of Charlemagne's Europe---a world of myth, monsters and magic---Bradamant, a female knight in the service of the emperor, searches for her forbidden Moorish lover. In doing... More > so, she must face and defeat giants and armies, treachery and sorcery. Profusely illustrated by the author and Gustave Dore. "Ron Miller is unfairly talented. I expect he'll get fed up with being called the new James Branch Cabell." --Sir Arthur C. Clarke< Less