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Mother Jennie's Garden By Lewis Keizer
Paperback: $9.88
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The life and teachings of a great Theosophical woman sage whom I met while teachings Religious Studies at U.C. Santa Cruz
The Pre-Christian Teachings of Yeshua By Lewis Keizer
Paperback: $20.00
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All of the extant authentic sayings and teachings of Yeshua remembered in the earliest oral Jesus traditions and collections compiled by his Jewish disciples A.D. 30-50 before they were rendered into... More > Greek, misunderstood, and Christianized in the later Gospels. • Translated in terms of the original Hebrew/Aramaic vocabulary and idioms used by Yeshua • Explained in the context of Second Temple messianic haggadah, Merkabah, prophetic, and wisdom traditions • Organized and presented as a coherent body of exquisite spiritual teaching that was lost and forgotten in Christianity. Yeshua’s exquisite teachings are the only solid foundation for a reform and renewal of Christianity—not the misunderstood and theologically colored sayings of a legendary and mythic Lord Jesus of the New Testament. His teachings are not Christian. They are kabbalistic and applicable to both religious and non-religious philosophies< Less
Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus By Lewis Keizer
Paperback: $39.76
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My fictional biography of Jesus is designed to introduce readers to the forgotten world of Jewish Messianic, Kabbalistic, prophetic, wisdom, and Merkabah mysticism that was known to the Jewish... More > disciples of Yeshua, but completely lost to emerging gentile Christianity. It provides a simple, non-academic way for readers to understand what only profound academic study can reveal,and illuminates the authentic historical teachings and probable spiritual practices of the Master Yeshua.< Less
Abbaun: The Authentic Aramaic Meaning of the Lord's Prayer By Lewis Keizer
Paperback: $10.00
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Recently various authors have published what they claim to be the original Aramaic version of the Lord’s Prayer. However, this is not the authentic prayer that Jesus transmitted to his... More > disciples. It is merely a second-century Syriac translation adapted from the gentile Greek versions in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. It is used in the modern Syrian churches. Although Syriac was a development of Aramaic, the Abbun d’bishmayo is merely a translation into second-century Syriac of the flawed Greek version in Matthew and Luke (c. A.D. 85-90). Like all the sayings and parables of Yeshua in the New Testament gospels, the Lord’s Prayer was poorly translated from Aramaic and altered to make sense in terms of the Pauline theology of the gentile churches. However, through biblical scholarship it is possible to recover the original Aramaic prayer of Yeshua, understand its meaning, and render it into a form that modern people can use with understanding. That is the purpose of this little booklet.< Less

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