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PUZZLE MATH: Discovering Calculus By Roxanne Eckenrode
eBook (PDF): $22.00
This 22-page book is a first of its kind, providing a very active introduction to Calculus with discovery-style instruction and nine student centered decoder-style worksheets. Students are motivated... More > both by the instantaneous feedback and their inevitable success! Teachers love the improvement in comprehension as well as the ease of grading self-checking materials! Students investigate slope and average velocity to form a concept of instantaneous velocity expressed first as limits as x approaches a and then as h approaches 0. Next they derive the power rule, including using expressions with irrational constants, negative powers, roots, etc. Then they build to using the power rule when the base is a linear expression. They informally experience the chain rule and then move to more formal representations. Finally, they are introduced to the product rule, which serves as template for learning additional rules more formally.< Less
PUZZLE MATH: Writing Systems of Equations from Word Problems By Roxanne Eckenrode
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Students read 10 word problems and design systems of linear equations to model the situations. Then they use a decoder to get immediate feedback as they self-check the answers. Next they solve the... More > 10 systems they wrote, choosing to use graphing, substitution, or elimination. They use a 2nd decoder to check these answers as well. Students enjoy the perpetual support and the variety of situations presented in this 2-page worksheet.< Less
PUZZLE MATH: Subtracting a Single Digit By Roxanne Eckenrode
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Students who need practice performing subtraction of a single digit can use this short worksheet that provides immediate feedback. It is self-checking. While having fun decoding a secret message (and... More > getting immediate, satisfying feedback) young students will complete ten subtraction problems. (A secondary goal of the worksheet for some students is for them to use inductive reasoning to notice that in all of the problems the second term is half of the first, so the difference will always be equal to the subtracted term.) Similar PUZZLE MATH worksheets and books on subtraction and later math topics are available at, including, "PUZZLE MATH: Simple Subtraction Practice", "PUZZLE MATH: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions", and "PUZZLE MATH: Trigonometry and Logarithms".< Less
PUZZLE MATH: Angles Formed by a Transversal Intersecting Parallel Lines By Roxanne Eckenrode
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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In this 5-page packet students read and discover about the angles formed when a pair of lines intersect and when a transversal cuts a pair of parallel lines. Students intuitively learn about the... More > names of the pairs of angles formed and about those angles' measures. On the 5th page students put their new skills to the test while they receive immediate feedback completing a decoder-style worksheet on which they will both identify angles' names and measures.< Less

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