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Dust By John A. Deering
Paperback: $7.00
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Jake Musken is a billionaire, inventor, and entrepreneur. His company, Jupiter System Industries, endured many years of failures, bankruptcy, and re-emergence with an altered name, Jupiter Sun... More > Industries, before endlessly producing useful inventions. The Door-Locker makes it possible to lock and unlock house doors with a keychain. Wireless Plugs make ordinary appliances wireless. The FES (Fire-Extinguishing Suit), auto-balancing motorcycle, remote-controlled Rollerblades, and Radar-Map are the next 4 years' inventions. The Radar-Map is a live video satellite image of one's present area, with a yellow triangle to mark one's location. When an FES is stolen and turned into a flame-thrower suit, Jake tracks down the pyromaniac responsible: Scorch. Wearing an FES, Jake calls himself Dust as he fights Scorch, who reveals a plot to kill thousands in Light City, by costumed criminals Scorch, Teardrop, the Rabbit, the Gray Goat, and Corrosia, all of whom work for San Marco. Dust will stop them all.< Less
The Servo Cult By John A. Deering
Paperback: $13.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
What if there were a cult? A whole cult of people dedicated to the mission of crime-fighting - of keeping the streets of the city safe? What if you learned that some of your own friends and... More > neighbors know people in this cult? Wouldn't YOU want to join?< Less
Recurring Nightmares By John A. Deering
eBook (PDF): $0.00
60-page play. Action / adventure / horror. William Cumberland was once put through a string of virtual nightmare tests - but that's all in the past. Away from work, and away from the three men... More > who had abducted him, Will is now in the regular process of recovery. But is it all over? He continues to have recurring nightmares, all his own, which take the testing further . . .< Less
Light City By John A. Deering
Paperback: $7.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Light City, U.S.A. Paranormal Girl. A female superhero, early 30's, in Light City. Her powers are the abilities once investigated by the CIA: mind-reading, remote viewing, psychic intuition,... More > levitation. Ramsey Coating: a 23-year-old man who once broke the world record for the longest pole-vaulting jump by a human, in his three times as an Olympic athlete. Now he fights crime as the vigilante named the Jumping Flea. Paranormal Girl and the Jumping Flea clash. At first, she assumes him to be a masked criminal. But they both agree to talk to each other as their secret identities: Ashley and Ramsey. Soon enough, they are dating. However, they soon find that they are both tracking down the same criminal: MC Deadbeat, a rap artist and music video star of 10 years, who killed five people and became a convicted felon. Now on the run from the law, Deadbeat continues to rap and rhyme, wherever he goes, all the time. Paranormal Girl and Ramsey/the Jumping Flea must stop the psychotic MC Deadbeat.< Less

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