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The Monster of Worcester: David McGreavy By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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When Elsie Ralph, young mother of three, began a clandestine affair with a younger man David McGreavy, she could have had no inkling of the horror this relationship would eventually bring into her... More > life. It would ultimately deprive her of her marriage but more importantly and most tragically, her three little children. Her husband Clive, five years Elsie's senior, reportedly had no inkling of the illicit love affair being carried on under their roof. The Monster of Worcester they called him. An apt title. One we give to non-human beings. What he did defies comparison or description. Not one act but three, perpetrated upon defenceless little children, any one of which was so incredibly cruel and inhumane it is unbearable to contemplate. The forensic numerological analysis and criminal profile of the perpetrator of the crime, David Anthony McGreavy, born on the 24th of September, 1951, in relation to the events that occurred on Friday, April 13th, Black Friday, in the year 1973.< Less
Beauty Queen Murder: Nurse Anita Cobby By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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When Anita was 26 years old, she was abducted from the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown, and tortured, raped and murdered at nearby Prospect, on the evening of the 2nd of February, 1986. Five men,... More > including three brothers, were convicted of her murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, never to be released, without any possibility of parole. Anita’s fingers were broken, her bones dislocated, her nose and cheekbones fractured and finally her throat cut. The horrifically cruel murder of this lovely young nurse, known to be very kind and caring of her patients, caused so much outrage within Australia that tens of thousands of people subsequently campaigned for the reinstatement of capital punishment. The forensic numerological criminal analysis of the charts of the five young men responsible for this shockingly cruel crime: John Travers, Michael Murdoch, and the three Murphy brothers: Michael, Gary and Leslie. Also the numerological analysis of the chart of the lovely young victim, Anita Cobby.< Less
Unfit To Fly: Andreas Lubitz By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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Declared unfit to fly, Andreas Lubitz' doctor did not notify authorities. The co-pilot tore up the sick note and reported for work. Then he locked the pilot out of the cabin, and drove the plane at... More > 700mph into the alps, killing himself and 149 others aboard instantly. What evil possessed him to do such an horrific thing? Men, women and little children forced to accompany him on his suicide mission?! For five whole torturous minutes the passengers aboard Flight 9525 screamed in terror as the plane went down. Why did he do it? Those were the questions on everyone's lips when Andreas Lubitz drove the Germanwings A320 Airbus he was co-piloting into the France Alps. The plane hit with such force that bodies, shattered into pieces and scattered over the craggy terrain, made recovery enormously hazardous. DNA was used to piece together bodies for relatives to claim. This forensic numerological criminal profile of Andreas Gunter Lubitz gives an insight into the man who committed this Kamikaze carnage.< Less
A Mormon Murder - Jodi Arias and the Killing of Travis Alexander By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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The tragedy of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander captured the imagination and riveted attention of viewers around the world. When the murder trial of beautiful Jodi Arias was televised and beamed... More > internationally into foreign homes, the tragic story that unfolded of this fatally stricken young Mormon union is not something that history will quickly forget, nor will the cries from Arias supporters who believe her to have been over sentenced, be easily silenced. Despite changing the name to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1838, the killing of handsome Travis Alexander smacked and reverberated with similarity to the murders of atonement committed in those early times, a fact not overlooked by those familiar with the historic origins of the Mormon Church. Yet this similarity was never raised in court by either defense or prosecution. Since her conviction for murder in the first degree, Jodi Arias is serving out a natural life sentence at Perryville Prison, handed down by Judge Sherry Stephens.< Less

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