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To End a War By H. Jonas Rhynedahll
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The more or less evenly matched Confederation of Human Worlds and the Organization of Khig Systems have been waging an interstellar war against each other for almost two centuries. Both sides have... More > expended incalculable amounts of resources in order to achieve a deadlocked stalemate, with ravaged battlefield planets changing hands constantly but neither side gaining the upper hand. Major Jonnan O’Khev has been fighting in this war for his entire life. In fact, War is the only life he knows. Now he has decided that it is time to stop this unwinable conflict. Unfortunately, he has just become a prisoner of war and interned in a Khig POW camp on a desolate world deep in the hinterlands of the Khig systems. But that might be the perfect place to end a war. To End A War is a science fiction novella of 21,000 words or approximately 84 pages.< Less

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