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Nights of Roshan By Billy London
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Neiri Halabi is a Christmas enthusiast and a cat allergist. She just wants to survive her first Christmas alone; with shop bought treats, her basement swimming pool and certainly without swallowing... More > random cat hairs in said pool. Given there's only one other resident in the entire apartment building, it has to be Roshan Ahsani up to no good. While the extravagant building owner may be have a whale of a time keeping large pets and letting them share her space, Neiri isn't about to put up with it. She's going to turn spy and catch Roshan Ahsani at his own game. Shame she doesn't know that tigers are much better hunters...< Less
Sweet Child of Mine By Billy London
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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Liam McNamara has enough on his plate. As a widowed father to a daughter he doesn't recognise, he really has no time for his mother's interference with his love life. She and her church friend can... More > stop handing out photos of him to the single ladies of the congregation and let him try to be the paternal and maternal figure his daughter so desperately needs. Abigail Yeboah ignores most of what happens in her mother's church. She's focused on her budding business and she's certainly not interested in playing Evil Queen to Liam McNamara's brat. But when Abigail catches his daughter in an act of vandalism, she finally understands it's not only the child who needs her, but the man.< Less
Army of You & Me By Billy London
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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The irony of Madeline Mpoyi's choice in a career was never lost on her. Being that her days as a girl in a war torn village, suffering the horrors of an innocent Rwandan child started off as anything... More > but sweet most would find it incredibly funny that as a woman she'd be manufacturing treats to send to the soldier that saved her life. Or at least she thought it was the soldier that saved her life. Er...technically it is...being that he has the same name and comes from the same bloodline. Although Major Nathaniel Goldsmith Sr. has long retired, his son is carrying on the family tradition as a Captain in the army. A Captain that has come to depend on both Madeline's sweet letters and even sweeter care packages. And it would seem that said Captain has Madeline in his sights...eager to sample whatever else she's willing to offer...< Less
The Baby Gift By Billy London
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There was nothing like a funeral to get a romance started. Well a funeral, an artificially inseminated pregnancy, a gay husband, his gold digging lover, paparazzi and millions of dollars. Tais... More > Nørgaard knows firsthand what it’s like to be at the edge of death. After chemo therapy for a cancer that has gone into remission pretty much demolishes any chance that he has of reproducing, he finds himself thoroughly intrigued by the lovely Delilah Bancroft. Much like the legendary woman of her namesake, she has the power to bring him to his knees...even if she's the beard of an entitled prick who won't open his eyes long enough to see that he's being used. Now how exactly does he go about convincing her that she'd be much happier in his warm bed with a ring on her finger and her unborn child potentially calling him Daddy? Tais has come back from worse. He's damn sure he can figure this out.< Less