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Orchid Care for Beginners: An Introduction to the Orchid Flower, Growing Orchids, Types of Orchids and How to Care for an Orchid By Julia Stewart, Malibu Publishing
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The orchid flower has always been thought of as a delicate plant, but the reality is this is one of the best plants to have. An orchid can survive through most climates. Orchids are one of the... More > largest families in the flower world. With over 1000 of different types of orchids, species and hybrids and still some that haven’t even been discovered or named, this is a plant that isn’t willing to die out. The orchid flower has been around for thousands of years, older than our own great-grandparents. Orchids have been used in herbal remedies to being the symbol of love. Learning how to grow orchid plants can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you are starting off from a store bought plant or a little seed that you planted in your garden. If you follow the instructions and do a little research, you will have your own little orchid to baby.< Less