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Four Million Stories By The OMSCWP
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This is the fourth collection of the best international short stories as submitted to the One Million Stories Creative Writing Project at through 2012. It takes a great deal of... More > courage to take a story and put it out there in the world, to try and make a connection. That has happened for all twenty-three of the authors featured here. Some are old hands, others have never had a story published anywhere before. That they chose us is our good fortune, that you now hold this book in your hands, is your good fortune! You will discover stories of childhood both cursed and blessed, but all fascinating. There are tales from the end of life’s journey too, some prosaic, others quite mad, but throughout, the general flavour is positive, uplifting. Keep a hold of this book. There are names in here you will read again, perhaps on the spine of a book in your local store, maybe on a blog, who knows?< Less
Three Million Stories By The OMSCWP
Paperback: $11.52
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Welcome to the third instalment, book three on the journey to a million stories, but of course it is about more than just the numbers. It is about the creative spirit that has given us the drive to... More > write, the energy to express what we think, feel or desire. This year has been a year of innovation and new ideas at The 52 Shorts Challenge invited writers to respond to weekly writing prompts. As an experiment it helped some authors achieve some incredible results, with fantastic leaps of the imagination combined with terrific industry. It was devised as a way to coach writers into a regular writing habit over the course of a year. Some of these stories are right here in this collection. Within these pages you will discover commentary on the London riots, the monsoon, living with HIV, celebrity, the perils of invisibility, environmental vandalism, ghosts, monsters and a nice cup of tea.< Less