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Blackmail Sabotage: Attacks on French industries during World War Two By Bernard O'Connor
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In late-1943 Harry Rée, one of Britain’s secret agents operating in eastern France, witnessed an RAF bombing mission on Peugeot’s automobile factory in Sochaux/Montbéliard.... More > As many bombs missed their target, damaging houses and killing innocent French civilians, he was aware that it could turn public opinion against the Allies. With the agreement of his boss in the Special Operations Executive, he approached one of Peugeot’s directors and made him an offer: Agree to have your vital machinery sabotaged or have the factory destroyed by British or American bombers. To help the director decide, he was offered compensation by the Allies after the war. When this novel approach proved successful, SOE set up a blackmail sabotage committee which targeted over thirty French factories. Over twenty specially trained agents, both men and women, were infiltrated on missions which included blackmail sabotage. This book details their successes and failures.< Less
Sabotage in Greece By Bernard O'Connor
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Following the Italian invasion of Albania, the British government was worried that Greece would be next. Their Intelligence Service in Athens prepared to sabotage their plans, stored explosives and... More > trained saboteurs. When Germany came to Italy's aid, they took control of Greece, despite attempts to sabotage the road and rail links. This book investigates the success and failures of British, American and Greek sabotage missions, the attacks on the Gorgopotamos and Asopos viaducts, on roads, railways, shipping and mining operations. Using contemporary documents from the CIA and National Archives, biographies and autobiographies, it provides first-hand accounts from those involved, those who masterminded the operations and the reports of the agents infiltrated by boat, submarine or plane. It has also used historians' accounts found on websites to provide a detailed history of sabotage in Greece between 1940 and liberation in 1944.< Less
Sabotage in France By Bernard O'Connor
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Between 1940 and 1944 dozens of French men and some women were trained in industrial sabotage at Brickendonbury Manor, near Hertford, UK before being infiltrated into France on top secret missions to... More > destroy transport, industrial and telecommunications targets. They included Raymond Basset, Madeleine Bayard, Georges Bergé, M. Bernard, Raymond Cabard, Francis Cammaerts, Marcel Clech, Elizabeth Devereaux-Rochester, J. Forman, John Farmer, Georges, Albert Guèrisse (Pat O’Leary), André Jarrot, Jules Lesage, J. le Tac, Bob Maloubier, Claude Peri, Petit-Laurent, Jean Pillet, Harry Rée, J. Renault, Charles Rechenmann, Robert Rodriguez, Maurice Southgate, André Varnier, Nancy Wake and Pearl Witherington. Numerous other French men and women took part in sabotage activities and their contribution to the country’s liberation needs to be acknowledged.< Less
Return to Belgium By Bernard O'Connor
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Following the German occupation of Belgium and the evacuation from Dunkirk, many wounded soldiers were left behind and captured. Those who escaped and downed Allied pilots and crews were helped to... More > get back to Britain by some remarkable men and women in the Comète escape line. As well as telling the story of Andrée de Jongh, one of its founders, using recently released documents from the National Archives, this book provides details about Elaine Madden, Frédérique Dupuich, Olga Jackson and an anonymous blonde, women who had got out of Belgium and yet volunteered to be flown back from RAF Tempsford: 'Churchill's Most Secret Airfield' and parachuted into occupied Belgium with vital missions to undertake prior to liberation.< Less