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The Red Paper:CANINES vol.1 By Terry Hooper
Paperback: $17.40
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Up-dated 2011 edition includes section on sarcoptic mange in foxes and treatment plus a list of wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres in the UK. By the 1700s the British fox was on the verge of... More > extinction and about to follow the bear and wolf having been hunted for sport for centuries. The answer was to import thousands of foxes per year for sport. But foxes kept dying out so jackals were tried. Some were caught, some escaped. Even wolves and coyote were released for hunting. The summation of over 30 years research reveals the damnable lie of "pest control" hunting but also reveals the cruelty the animals were subject to and how private menageries as well as travelling shows helped provide the British and Irish countryside with some incredible events. The Girt Dog of Ennerdale is also dealt with in detail.< Less
SHAFTS IN TIME By Terry Hooper
Paperback: $24.44
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Volumes 1 & 2 of The Darke Child Trilogy. It started centuries ago but it will fall upon a young runaway to fulfill a destiny ordained for her by the Goddess. Adventure and lots of, uh,... More > shafting in time. ADULTS ONLY< Less
Chung Ling Soo Man Of Mystery By Terry Hooper
Paperback: $10.42
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Victorian conjurer and man of mystery and deception, Chung Ling Soo has been marked for death by a Chinese Tong that never fails to get its man. So will Chung be able to escape death long enough to... More > solve bizarre murders in London'd dockland as well as sightings of a sea serpent in the Thames? And who is the Dragon Lord and how do his murderous plans fit into things? Mystery, action and twisted plot by Terry Hooper Scharf and Gavin Ross!< Less
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What can you possibly say about John Erasmus? He is a very under-rated artistic genius. And Dervish Ropey? One of the great action/adventure characters to emerge from the UK in the last 25 years... More > apart from Denizen Ark (which also happens to be an Erasmus creation). Join Dervish on his latest adventure and kick yourself if you never got a copy of The Maximin Sword!< Less