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Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Four By Francine Milford
Paperback: $30.00
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In Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Four, you will be introduced into the Meridian System of the body and discover how to use a variety of tuning fork frequencies in each meridian to either tone, or... More > sedate, points for health and healing. Readers will also learn about the flow of energy with easy to follow directions and illustrations.< Less
Tuning Fork Therapy® and the Infinity Symbol By Francine Milford
Paperback: $14.99
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Tuning Fork Therapy® and the Infinity Symbol covers how to use tuning forks, color therapy and symbols to enact the body's natural healing responses. Included in the book are several methods and... More > techniques on how to use the Infinity Symbol for room clearing, chakra clearing and energizing, and so much more. This book contains easy to follow diagrams and instructions to perform one hour client sessions for health and healing. A chapter on Chakra protocols is included as well as several pages of references for the reader to continue their study into tuning forks, sound and vibrational healing, and color therapy.< Less
Hunab Ku Reiki, Practitioner Manual By Francine Milford
Paperback: $35.00
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Hunab Ku Reiki is a system of natural healing that combines the powerful energy of Reiki with the Hunab Ku symbol. In additiona to used for the Hunab Ku symbol in a Reiki session, information is... More > given on the Chakra system and the use of color to enhance healing. Hunab Ku Reiki is taught in taught in two levels: Practitioner and Master level. Once you have successfully completed the practitioner and master levels of training, you will then be able to instruct others in their training and certification of this energy system. The practitioner manual contains illustrations and diagrams that are easy to follow for either on-site or home study certification process. A section of the manual contains the Hunab Ku symbol on colored paper that you can copy, then cut out, and use as directed in the book. This manual, along with the video, is given to those you want to become Hunab Ku Reiki practitioners. For more information on Hunab Ku Reiki, please visit the official website at:< Less
Tuning Fork Therapy® and Fibromyalgia By Francine Milford
Paperback: $16.99
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The Tuning Fork Therapy® and Fibromyalgia book tries to bring pain relief and healing to those who suffer from this often debilitating condition. Readers will learn what the most recent studies... More > are concluding about this condition and how this knowledge can be of benefit to sufferers. A chapter on how to locate professional researched studies is also included so that readers will be able to follow all current and future trends in the study of fibromyalgia. This book will guide you on how to use your tuning forks on a variety of sensitive points on the body to bring about relief. All diagrams and directions are written in an easy to read, understand and follow format. Also included in the book is a chapter on aromatherapy and how specific essential oils can be used to help a host of symptoms.< Less