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Stowaway By Cecil Cory
eBook (ePub): $4.95
All Cynthia wanted was to help her family free her mother and escape the tyranny of the new Dictator on her home planet. She convinces a reluctant cargo ship owner to help her by transporting her... More > family’s cattle from her home to a new planet. Claudius agrees knowing that she had once been part of the Dictator Guard. During the process of reaching her home he runs into some of his old army comrades and recruits them as part of his crew. Together they work through the Dictators army to help free Cynthia family.< Less
Angèle De La Mort By Cecil Cory
eBook (ePub): $4.50
The Emperor of the Hallsworth Empire had been assonated. A cousin seized the throne putting to death all of the legitimate heirs to the throne. An Imperial Guard, who had sworn to protect Imperial... More > family, found out about the purge of surviving Empress and her child. Unable to save the Empress he smuggled the child out of the Hallsworth Empire to the Federation. There he met Gérard Lécuyer and turned over the child for him to raise. After fifteen years the Emperor found out about this betrayal. He placed a bounty on the heads of the Imperial Guards and the child. Hunted by assassins and fearing that he would put his family in danger Gérard Lécuyer sends the grown woman to seek aid with some of his friends as he goes to lead the assassins away from her and his family.< Less
Survival By Cecil Cory
eBook (ePub): $4.95
These three stories are about surviving. The first story is about a man who crashes and is the lone survivor of his ship on a hostile planet. He has to figure out how to survive using what remains... More > of his ship against carnivorous creatures, the elements, and humans whom he cannot understand. The second story is about a pilot who has had enough of Space Fleet and decides to return home. Upon his return to his home planet, he finds that it could be more hazardous than the war he had just left. The third story is about several men in the Federation Army who are taken prisoner and how they survive to escape.< Less
The Twin Suns By Cecil Cory
eBook (ePub): $4.95
Ancient technology was discovered in the Kuiper belt. Scientific research teams gathered from Earth, the Federation of Colonies on Mars, and the Lunar Federation of States to study the ancient... More > technology. Karl and Amy Artuso applied and they were chosen from thousands of other applicants for the expedition. With the discovery of the hidden caves on Pluto, the corporation felt that it was within limits to send this family along with others to explore the region. Karl and Amy packed up their four children and told them that they were going on a great journey. During their research, Karl found and repaired a small maintenance ship. He persuaded the director of operations to allow him test fly the small ship. Amy convinced him to allow her to accompany him on the test flight. The personnel of the research center watched as they darted out into space. Then they suddenly disappeared from the Sol system and entered the Twin Suns system. Little did they know what lay before them would change all of their lives.< Less

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