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Book I Introduction to the Guardians By Jean de Cabalis
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The original Guardian materials were developed by Michael Freedman as a correspondence course. Jean de Cabalis has edited and greatly expanded these with new materials for the purposes of the Et... More > Custosi Tutelae. The esoteric corpus of the Et Custosi Tutelae includes a version of Golden Dawn magic amongst other things. Contents: What is the Golden Dawn, the Real Secret of the Golden Dawn, Seeking the Equilibrium of Balance, Twelve Concerns of the Qabalah, Five Secrets of the Way to the Source of All, Genuine and False Teachers of the Spiritual Way, Nature of Ritual Magic, Thirty-One Final Statements on Magic, Doctrine of Correspondences, What the Teachers said, The Aquarian Age Inheritance, Proclamation of the Three Watchwords, The Solar Chant of the Guardians, Building the Tree of Life in the Aura, The Grades of the Guardians. A longer section on the Legendary History of the Guardians, including the Guardians protecting Australia WWII and Did the Guardians exist in Australia? Membership information.< Less