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Nonkilling Balkans By Joám Evans Pim & Rifet Bahtijaragić
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Scientific, spiritual, and practical factors predict success for realization of a Nonkilling Balkans. Most humans who have ever lived have not killed anyone. By nature humans are not compelled to... More > kill. Religions, faiths, humanist philosophies, and folk traditions, teach nonkilling principles that can be combined into a powerful Global Nonkilling Ethic. Basic components of nonkilling societies already have been demonstrated somewhere in human experience. If combined and creatively adapted in any cultural context they can assist nonkilling change. The power of creative initiatives to bring about previously unthinkable and impossible change has been demonstrated throughout history in every field of human endeavor.< Less
Nonkilling Media By Joám Evans Pim
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The importance of rethinking media and entertainment from a nonkilling perspective is self-explanatory. In "Nonkilling Global Political Science", Glenn Paige pointed out how violence is... More > "socially learned and culturally reinforced". This social effort is by no means casual or due to some innate taste or demand for violence content historically considered repugnantbut rather, "violent media socialization is useful for a state in need of professional patriotic killers". Nonkilling creativity throuought the ages also shows how a life-enhancing media is possible. At the Center for Global Nonkilling we sincerely hope that the contributions compiled in this volume may help shape an alternative to the lethal ideology that permates media that may enhance the value of life.< Less
Nonkilling Psychology By Joám Evans Pim & Daniel J. Christie
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This book demonstrates the rich diversity of research approaches developed so far within the field of psychology. In this collection of essays, one moves from biomedical aspects to moral dimensions,... More > through various renditions of social psychology. The book is organized into three sections: (I) psychological causes and consequences of killing; (II) The prevention of killing: from interpersonal to interna-tional; and (III) personal transformation: from killing to nonkilling. What brings humans to kill each others or themselves? Is a nonkilling society possible? Answers have been attempted, unanswered questions have been raised, and unexplored issues wait for further investigation.< Less
Nonkilling Societies By Joám Evans Pim
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This volume arises from a crucial question formulated by political scientist Glenn D. Paige: “Is a Nonkilling Society Possible?” Paige (and much of the evidence brought for-ward in this... More > book) reminds us that nonkilling societies, characterized by no killing of humans and no threats to kill, do exist in spite of having passed largely unnoticed to most of the scientific community. Most authors who are contributing to this volume have been repeating the same crucial fact for decades: killing-free societies, as those imagined by Paige in his book, are not a utopian dream; they are a genuine actuality that has been in existence for millenia. It can probably be said louder but not more clearly. This volume provides firm evidence that the only feasible answer to Paige’s question is undoubtedly affirmative.< Less

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