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Beware! The Scientists Revolt By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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FIRST EDITION! "A half-mile above city streets mystery and murder stalk a scientific penthouse, and Macklin Donovan faces unknown and deadly science." So read the blurb in Fantastic... More > Adventures pulp magazine for July 1939 when "The Scientists Revolt", a rewritten version of "Beware!", was first published. We present both versions of the story.< Less
THE MARS TRILOGY: A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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In 1912, A Princess of Mars was first published in magazine form (as Under the Moons of Mars). Now, 100 years later, we present the first three novels in the Mars series to celebrate the centennial.
Tarzan and the Lost Empire By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Here is Tarzan penetrating a strange land in Africa from which no traveler has ever returned. Natives have told of hills that rise out of a huge void where the great plateau ceases. They have told of... More > white men in armour who have emerged from the abyss to carry off natives into slavery. The roar of life rumbles upward through the canyon like distant thunder. It is toward this land that Erich von Harben, archaeologist, ventures with a party of natives. The natives come back inarticulate with horror, but there is no trace of Von Harben. Then Tarzan sets out alone to hunt for him, moving silently into the jungle. He goes to penetrate the mystery of the Lost Empire, and finds himself fighting for life amid the love, war and intrigue of a forgotten Roman Province.< Less
The Custer Family Saga By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Together! The complete saga of the Custer Family starring Barney and Victoria. Meet Barney Custer as he is traveling in Europe and runs into the Mad King of Lutha. Then Barney and Victoria head to... More > Africa to visit Tarzan of the Apes. Victoria meets the caveman Nu, who has traveled into the present. Then we follow them back to the stone age. Finally, Barney returns to Europe and the kingdom of Lutha.< Less