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Tom Swift and the Space Battering Ram (HB) By Thomas Hudson & Leo L. Levesque
Hardcover: $32.95
Ships in 6-8 business days.
In this hardbound edition, Tom Swift faces two parts of an old comet that have started heading toward Earth. The news media attempts to stir up a really big panic about it all, not very many... More > astronomers are certain that it isn’t just a tempest in a teacup. Until the day it turns out to be much more than that. While governments dither and scientists endlessly debate, and while religious zealots want people to just give up and pacifists fight with those who say that a nuclear deterrent is what’s called for, Tom and his team at Swift Enterprises leap into action. But, if blasting the problem apart isn’t a viable solution, what can possibly be? Given the relatively brief amount of time available to take action, is there really something that Tom can do? To make matters worse for Tom, his head of Security has been kidnapped and is nowhere on Earth to be found. But Harlan Ames isn't just sitting as a prisoner--although that is exactly what he is--and their paths are destined to cross again.< Less
TOM SWIFT and the Lunar Volcano (HB) By Thomas Hudson & Leo L. Levesque
Hardcover: $32.95
Ships in 6-8 business days.
The 3rd book in the Saga: The Emperor Shangri-La died trying to attack the Earth in book 1; the Empress—his twin sister—died trying to attack Tom Swift in book 2. Now, it seems the very... More > Moon on which they built their Shangri-La colony of slaves is on the brink of being attacked by the ground under their feet. Harlan Ames, former Swift Enterprises Chief of Security has been the Administrator of the now free colony but is getting anxious to take his twin children back to Earth. Their safety may depend on it; their mother was the much hated Empress! But, something bad is happening inside the Moon. He hopes his old boss can figure things out before it is too late. In the meantime, he leaves his children in the care of Lola “Grandma” Reyes at the lunar colony while he heads out to see if there is anything to discover at the former “Master’s” ruined fortress in the Philippines. It is a race against time to see if clues can be found to help avoid a catastrophe.< Less
Tom Swift and the Lunar Volcano By Thomas Hudson & Leo L. Levesque
Paperback: $9.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
In this third novel of the saga, Tom Swift must find a way to determine what is causing a series of earthquakes--lunarquakes!--that endanger the Cordillera colony on the dark side of the Moon. Is... More > this the last act of sabotage by the late Empress or a natural phenomenon. And, just how dangerous is it? Harlan Ames is trying to ready his assistants, Saclolo and Magadia, to take over as Administrators of the colony so that he can take his newborn twins back to Earth and rejoin Swift Enterprises. But, he can not bring himself to leave the colony until the quakes are solved. A plan by Saclolo to repurpose the abandoned reservoir in the nearby mountains into a high-end resort cannot begin until the quakes are under control. Everything is riding on Tom's shoulders while he, Bud Barclay and a petite fireball of a woman vulcanologist face down what is going on deep under the lunar regolyth.< Less
Tom Swift and the Cometary Reclamation By Thomas Hudson & Leo L. Levesque
Paperback: $10.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
In the second installment of the Lunar Trilogy, An environmental disaster hits California at the same time the lunar colony—now free of the tyranny of the Masters—is facing a crisis of... More > their own, and it seems a single solution needs to be found for both. At the same time, Harlan Ames ventures to Tibet in search of answers about the Empress and where she might have crashed her evacuation spacecraft. What he finds will turn his world on end and nearly ruin the now-free colony on the Moon. With his own troubles, Tom must find a way to mine water from a passing comet and bring it to the Moon and down to the Earth safely and quickly before people start to die. As it is, people are leaving the state as if it is becoming a new dustbowl. The inhabitants of the lunar colony don't have that luxury. Will Harlan's search and Tom's projects succeed? Or, with they intersect with disastrous consequences? Watch for Book Three in this trilogy.< Less

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