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How To Disappear and Never Get Found By C Michael Garcia
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Something seriously strange is happening to the world’s bee populations! They’re all disappearing! And no one is giving a damn about it! GMOs, pesticides and contrails made up of... More > aluminium toxins purposefully disseminated into the atmosphere by commercial jet-liners are slowly turning the composition of the atmosphere more to THEIR liking than to ours. Killing the bees is more pre-meditated than it is as a result of resource pressures! People are not at fault, but agenda-driven corporations are. For entomologist Lauter Kittel, something even more astounding has begun to happen. It seems the bees are speaking to her through sacred geometry, and are about to give mankind the gift that all humans once had in the golden age of the planet 6,000 years ago. This is an extraordinary event followed by an innovative new science-fiction movie. This is a motion picture event you have to see to grasp the true significance of what the world faces - and it's not of human origin.< Less
The Great Karas 3 Gods under the earth By C Michael Garcia
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The Great Karas seizes the opportunity of having Darius Crocker, his new lab technician, fall in love with his daughter - someone as mysterious as they come, and at the same time, the... More > Professor’s biggest personal secret outside of his employment at the university. Suddenly the once reluctant hero, Darius, is putty in Karas’s hands and signs up for every crazy-scientist’s experiment Karas has pipelined. From a trip to Italy in pursuit of Conan Doyle’s map for the Lost City of Gold, to a curious quantum journey into a molecular world of energy particles and reality creating micro-organisms that await the construction of the physical world at a moment’s notice. This is a world where extra-terrestrial overlords reign over mankind from the bottomless pits of the earth’s inner core-dome. You are about to experience a world of alternate universes, new subversive realities, and narrowly known secrets only the very brave may be allowed to know.< Less
The Great Karas 4 Searching for Secrets By C Michael Garcia
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SHERLOCK HOLMES JOINS THE SEARCH FOR THE CITY OF GOLD! Professor Karas, the Great, is delighted that Darius Crocker, his new lab assistant, is besotted with his daughter Leandra - a girl who... More > harbours a dark and disturbing secret past. Because you see, this enables him to put into action experiments he has had in planning for decades. In Karas’s ineffable desire to prove his grand unified theaory, that all things exist in the here and now, RIGHT NOW, and that time is but an illusion, and that therefore they should be able to ignore the space equation and step into the City of Gold, he personifies his math into the Mantissa, a purely mathematical creature that will veritably control all of Time at Karas’s command. But bringing pure arithmetic to life may bring about a cosmic shift no one was ready to encounter. As the countdown to The City of Gold comes underway...more hair-raising and Oddities continue to take shape. The Great Karas Adventures. Soon to be a major motion picture.< Less
The Great Karas 5 Enter The City of Gold By C Michael Garcia
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AS TIME RUNS OUT, PRESSURE TIGHTENS, EMOTIONS PEEK! Darius escapes Slippery Jim’s hanging, barrels down the time-stream and appears in South Africa where further clues indicate the... More > off-the-Google-Earth-grid burial site. But getting to the City of Gold amidst clusters of government agency employees hiding in plain view is not going to be easy. Using a rare caliber of intelligence, The Great Karas unfurls a wormhole, which seems to enable an entry but through an underground tunnel 5,672 miles away in Abidjan. You can not imagine the set of events that are about to unfold in this lightspeed epic adventure cross between French Foreign Legion Steampunk and Quantum Physics Inter-dimensional Human & Alien Collaboration. You will not believe the grandness of scale of The Great Karas Adventures. Soon to be a major motion picture event.< Less

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