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Anna Sabine By Elaine Markowicz
Paperback: $13.99
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He returned from the dead two-hundred years later to find his one great love. She finds him attractive; mesmerized by his dark looks and personality. But is she ready for him?
Forbidden Passion By Elaine Markowicz
Paperback: $14.99
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They fought the desire between them. The love they shared was forbidden but they no longer could hide it and gave into the forbidden passion.
Kindred Spirits By Elaine Markowicz, William Alberto
Paperback: $15.00
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Declan Hayes lost the love of his life in a tragic car accident. Before Jack died he promised they would be together again. Over the years, Declan went from one bad relationship to another until he... More > found Paul; an abusive drunk. A relationship Declan believed he deserved because he felt it the accident was his fault. When Paul beat him so bad he ended in the hospital, he met Ryan, his nurse. From the first, Declan saw the strong resemblance between Ryan and Jack. With each encounter, Declan fell deeper in love with Ryan. Paul, furious and jealous, tries to kill Declan but Ryan saves him. Paul is whisked off to jail and Declan proposes to Ryan. He truly believed they were Kindred Spirits.< Less
The Guardian By Elaine Markowicz
Paperback: $11.05
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He killed her grandfather and inserted himself into the Talbot family under guise of guardian to young Lady Elise Talbot. She instantly didn't like or trust him. Unfortunately, she didn't figure it... More > out until after she married him and discovered he was a vampire; a monster who kills.< Less