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Dominate Your Market: A Confident Approach to Selling That Will Double Your Business By Bob Oros
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Using a scientifically proven system you will become a highly skilled, confident sales person improving your skills 52% in 13 weeks. Dominate Your Market is a more confident approach to selling that... More > will take you step by step to success by mastering the attitudes and skills resulting in you being a top performing sales professional. All the doubts, fears and worries you ever had will disappear and will be replaced with a positive, aggressive approach. These topics have been presented over 2000 times to some of the largest companies in the U.S.< Less
Attitude Motivation By Bob Oros
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The best kept secret in the world! The repetition of positive or negative words and pictures day after day begins to affect you, for good or for bad. Your mind begins to make you do the things that... More > the words and pictures represent. The use of this secret is one of the oldest practices of civilization. Marketing companies use words, pictures and TV commercials that make you want to buy things from them. Politicians use words and pictures to make you want to vote for them. Drug pushers use words and pictures to make you buy drugs and get high. Once these words and pictures are used to make you do certain things, and you continue to do them, you become controlled by your habits. Once the habit becomes stronger and stronger it becomes very difficult to change. Whether you end up a great success, or you end up "average," will be because of the things YOU MADE YOURSELF DO WITH THE IMAGES AND WORDS YOU USED TO PROGRAM YOUR MIND.< Less
Managing Accounts Receivable: How 54 Sales Professionals Collect Past Due Accounts By Bob Oros
Paperback: $9.99
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While having a small accounts-receivable balance indicates good financial management, collecting past-due balances is a difficult aspect of the sales process. Any delay in collecting past-due... More > accounts will reduce your chance of receiving payment. Fifty-four sales professionals share their strategy with you.< Less
Restaurant Owner: 44 Restaurant Owners Reveal Their Keys to Success in the Exciting Restaurant Business By Bob Oros
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If you ever thought of opening a restaurant reading this is a must! Dozens of restaurant owners and food professionals share their keys to success in the food business. Plus 20 industry secrets... More > from one of the most successful marketing consultants in the business.< Less