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The Guide to OutCompete TRIZ vol. 1 issue 1 By Len Kaplan, Sergey Malkin
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OutCompete TRIZ approach should be used for resolving the unsolvable problems, i.e. problems that could not be resolved with use of knowledge and expertise of experts in the area where these problems... More > occurred. These problems are solved in course of facilitated teamwork of client’s experts who are knowledgeable in the situation-at-hand and have neither skills nor experience in use of TRIZ tools. Project team, under TRIZ expert's facilitation, solves the important problem they could not solve before, while facilitator analyzes problem situation, provides the team with necessary TRIZ hints and runs the problem-solving process. OutCompete TRIZ suggests the universal staged process of resolving the unsolvable problems. This process could be efficiently used for facilitated teamwork. OutCompete Facilitator's job is done when project team is ready to implement the solution to the problem that was unsolvable before.< Less
The Guide to OutCompete TRIZ vol. 3 issue 1 By Len Kaplan, Sergey Malkin
Paperback: $16.96
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The core of OutCompete TRIZ approach is the technique of Guided Brainstorming, teamwork of client’s experts facilitated by TRIZ specialist. Main activities of Guided Brainstorming are... More > "massive" generation of simple ideas, combination of these ideas into the efficient solutions, and selection of the most suitable solution based on client-oriented criteria. The following principles form the foundation for development of OutCompete TRIZ Tools: 1. TRIZ should be used to resolve only the problems that experts, with their professional expertise, cannot solve. 2. TRIZ hints for idea generation should be so simple that people should be able to use them without long training. 3. Each TRIZ hint should suggest one simple change of one resource or one relationship between resources involved in the problem situation. This book describes the OutCompete hints for idea generation. Read, use and OutCompete!< Less
The Guide to OutCompete TRIZ vol. 3 issue 4 By Len Kaplan
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Although OutCompete Analytical approach usually uses only one model (flowchart), the professional facilitator should be able to use wide variety of TRIZ analytical tools. Sometimes, the specific... More > nature of problem situation calls for use of these well-proven tools. This book describes multiple classical and post-classical TRIZ analytic tools: ARIZ, Systems Analysis, Function Analysis, Trimming, and Hybridization. Each tool has own advantages and disadvantages. Each tool in some cases makes analytical work easier, while in other cases complicates it. There are specific signs in understanding of problem situation that suggest use of one or another analytical tool. Facilitator should know these factors, consider them while working with particular unsolvable problem, and efficiently use the most promising analytical tools. Understanding and use of classical and post-classical analytical tools both expand facilitator's capabilities and strengthen professional thinking. Read, use and OutCompete!< Less
The Guide to OutCompete TRIZ vol. 2 issue 3.1 By Len Kaplan
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Future is unpredictable. Forecasters hear that from every client. TRIZ forecasters know for sure that it is wrong. Breakthrough innovations predicted by TRIZ inevitably and successfully appear in the... More > market. FutureMapping produces accurate forecasts because it: 1. Predicts what customers will want in the future, how to match customers’ latent expectations and improve chances of product to be purchased. 2. Delivers the knowledge about emerging trends, paradigm shifts, breakthrough innovations and their optimal sequence in the overt, easy to grasp and use format. 3. Produces the challenges to the company experts. These factors, together with revealing and resolving the unsolvable problems inherent to the current trends and paradigms, facilitate the commercialization of successful products and development of winning competitive strategies. This book tells how to develop the FutureMap and deliver the reliable knowledge about future of your industry. Read, use and OutCompete!< Less