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It Followed Me Home Can I Keep It? (hard cover) By Michael Verrett
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(Hard Cover Version) A clever boy brings home different creatures and informs his parents, "it followed me home can I keep it". Each time his parents explain why he can't keep it. But a... More > certain persistent puppy keeps vying for the boys attention. 34 pages of colored illustrations< Less
WINDSWEPT (Hardcover) Part II Wherever the Wind May Blow By Michael Verrett
Hardcover: $23.50
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Windswept is a love story. The sequel to Homecoming. The plot includes adventure, romance, humor, pixies, friendship, pirates, an evil queen, and the important choices one faces when growing up.... More > Anne believes life should be practical and well-ordered until she meets Jules Allan and lands in the pages of an adventure book. Here survival depends on having a good imagination. Anne confronts her own ideals of life as she and Jules Allan battle the treacherous Ombudsman and the evil Gray Queen as they come closer to solving the mystery of the Branch Library and who exactly is the book's author. “Answers to simple questions have powerful consequences.”< Less
Kingdom of the Pumpkins (A Rainey-Estelle Kind of Day) By Michael Verrett
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Rainey-Estelle wears her princess dress as she and her dog, Scamp, venture out on an autumn evening to find the Kingdom of the Pumpkins. She has made two glittering crowns, one each for the king and... More > queen of the pumpkins. The two wander onto Old McDonald's farm where complaining vegetables, no trespassing signs, and a formidable corn patch try to prevent her from finding the wonderful pumpkins. When she finds the pumpkins her delight is ruined by an evil Scarecrow armed with a pitchfork. She must escape Scarecrow in order to crown the pumpkin king and queen with her homemade crowns.< Less
The Big Blue Slide By Michael Verrett
Paperback: $17.95
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Rainey-Estelle is a fashion conscious little girl who has all sorts of adventures. At her school is the Big Blue Slide. Only children of the right height can go on the slide and Rainey-Estelle is... More > too short. This does not discourage her as she comes up with a clever plan to get past the very-thorough Height Inspectors. On then can she challenge the monstrous Big Blue Slide. She will go faster than a race car, faster that a plane, and faster than a rocket ship and she will do it today at recess.< Less