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Darwinism and Race Progress By John Berry Haycraft
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A study in evolution and eugenics from a professor of physiology and discoverer of the anti-coagulant hirudin. Discusses race, Darwin's Law of Selection, the hereditary nature of diseases, insanity,... More > alcoholism, crime and racial degeneration. Includes eugenics, the outbreeding of the “capables” by the “incapables” and the necessity for the best in society to expand their numbers at the expense of the worst. The author was doctor, a research scholar of the British Medical Association and chair of physiology at University College, Cardiff. Content sample: "The Fall of Greek and Roman Political Organisation—Selection is a Fact, not a Theory—Leprosy an Exterminator of the Unhealthy—Germs of Phthisis and Scrofula our Racial Friends—Insanity—Importance of preventing its Transmission—Alcoholism a Sign of Mental Instability—How it is that the Production of Children by Diseased Parents is tolerated—Segregation of the Criminal an Effectual Resort—The Incapables—Segregation ultimately required for their Elimination< Less