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iPhone Keyboard: Its About Typing Real Fast By Nishatul Majid
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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This book is intended to increase the typing speed on your iPhone (or iPad) dramatically. Here I introduced all the tricks, strategies, tools and guides that can get you there quick and easy. With... More > your proper attention and a little patience, I believe you'll achieve a speed of 35-45 WPM with in no time. And, this will end up in so far away, that probably you can't even imagine right now.< Less
Guided Access for iPhone/iPad By Nishatul Majid
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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***Updated for the iOS 7 Guided Access Control is one of the unique features of iOS 6. This is not only really really fun to use, but also an extremely powerful tool to control your device's access.... More > Imagine how it would be, if you can let your kids to play and learn with these beautiful interfaces, occasionally you can let your friends to check their mails or, may be, take photos, all without a drop of being concerned about accidental data loss, scrutinizing your settings/preferences or any kind of suspicious sneak peaks. The concept of "Single App" mode will let you control each and every ways of dealing your device, exactly in the way you need. The goal of this book is to explain how this feature works, as well as, where and how this should be used. Those, who love to keep their entire world in their iPhone( or iPad/ iPod touch), this tutorial is highly recommended.< Less
iPhone Puzzles: iOS Tips Tricks, Secrets & Hidden Features By Nishatul Majid
eBook (ePub): $0.99
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***Compatibility enlisted for iOS 7. Love your iPhone/iPad? Use it a lot? Read tons of articles and books about iOS tips, tricks? Already thinking know a lot? Well, it is time you face the next... More > level. This is a book of extremely advanced tips, tricks and strategies about iOS running devices, and by no means, it is recommended or suggested for the starters. All these are presented in form of tiny puzzles (or tasks); to make sure that you not only know the stuffs, also get an idea about where, when and how to use. Each of these challenges is going to explore a number of extremely helpful features. And don't worry, hints are provided all along (though in a twisted form, mu ha ha ha....).< Less
Sticky Puzzles By Nishatul Majid
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Is there any clear borderline between possible and impossible? I mean, obvious stuffs from today were clearly impossible centuries ago. So, where is the transient? Lets face it, these are what we... More > call puzzles. This book will present you with 39 classics and 1 riddle to rule them all. Each of them will take you to a journey from the land of impossible to possible. These are simple stories, don't require you to be an expert in specific domains. Just you have to use your common sense and think differently. And a subtle alert for those who are addicted to brain foods, these might keep you busy and storming inside for months, years or even more.< Less