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College Trigonometry By A. A. Frempong
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College Trigonometry (40 Lessons) covers: Review of Functions; Review of Geometry; Right Triangle Trigonometry; Angles of Elevation and Depression; Bearing; Linear Interpolation;Trigonometric... More > Functional Value of any Angle; Trigonometric Functional Values of Quadrantal Angles; Trigonometry of Oblique Triangles; Laws of Sines and Cosines; Applications of Trigonometry to Vectors; Representation of Vectors; Addition (Sum, Resultant, or Composition) of Vectors; Trigonometry of Real Numbers; Radian Measure; Arc Length; Reference Number ; Trigonometric Functional Values of Angles and of Real Numbers; Graphs of Trigonometric Functions; Periodicity of Trigonometric Functions; Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Operations Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Graphs of inverse Trigonometric Functions; Trigonometric identities and Proving Trigonometric Identities; Solutions of Trigonometric Equations; and Measurements. Extra topics cover complex numbers and polar coordinate system.< Less
Elementary Mathematics & Intermediate Mathematics By A. A. Frempong
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This book combines the Elementary Math and the Intermediate Math of the fifth editions into a single volume. The arithmetic topics include whole numbers, fractions, decimals, the percent symbol (%);... More > ratio, proportion, areas, perimeters, scientific notation, and measurements. The elementary algebra and geometry topics include exponents; polynomials; linear equations; word problems; factoring; quadratic equations; graphs, slopes, intercepts, straight lines; systems of equations, radicals; Pythagorean theorem and applications; algebraic fractions; and inequalities. The intermediate math topics include exponents; radicals; polynomials; graphs, slopes, intercepts, parallel and perpendicular lines; graphs of parabolas; linear and compound inequalities; algebraic fractions; fractional and radical equations; complex numbers; absolute value equations and inequalities; logarithms; logarithmic and exponential equations; congruency theorems; similar triangles; trigonometry; equations and circles..< Less
Intermediate Mathematics By A. A. Frempong
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Intermediate Mathematics covers the following topics: Review of Operations; Exponents, Radicals. and operations on radical and Fractional Exponents; Reduction of Indices; Factoring Polynomials;... More > Solving quadratic equations and applications; Graphs, Slopes, Intercepts, and Equations of Straight Lines; Graphs of Parabolas; Linear Inequalities; Compound Inequalities; Inequality Word Problems; Reduction, multiplication, division, and addition of algebraic fractions; Solving Fractional or Rational Equations; Radical Equations; Complex Numbers; Absolute value equations; Absolute Value Inequalities; Logarithms; Logarithmic equations and Exponential Equations; Variation and Variation Problems; Basic Areas and Perimeters of triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, circles, and composite figures; Congruency Theorems; Similar Triangles; Right triangle trigonometry; Functional value of any angle; Laws of sines and cosines. Trigonometric Identities; Trigonometric equations.< Less
Elementary Mathematics By A. A. Frempong
Hardcover: List Price: $58.45 $43.84 | You Save: 25%
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Elementary Mathematics covers both arithmetic and algebra. The arithmetic topics include operations on whole numbers, fractions, decimals,percent calculations; Order of Operations, ratio, Proportion,... More > Areas, Perimeters; Bar, Line and Circle Graphs; Scientific Notation; Measurements and conversions The algebra topics include: Signed Number and Real Number Operations; Order of Operations; Exponential Notation and Rules of Exponents; Polynomial addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; First Degree Equations;Word Problems; Factoring Polynomials; Solving quadratic equations & applications; Graphs, Slopes, Intercepts and Equations of Straight Lines; Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Word Problems; Radicals, square roots, addition & multiplication of radicals; Pythagorean Theorem and Applications; Areas and Perimeters; Algebraic Fractions, ;Solving Linear inequalities.Extra topics cover Quadratic Equations, Functions, Sketching Parabola, Solving Rational and Radical Equations, Review for Geometry< Less

Integrated Arithmetic Integrated Arithmetic By A. A. Frempong Hardcover:
$40.63 $30.47
Elementary Algebra Elementary Algebra By A. A. Frempong Hardcover:
$48.30 $36.23
Calculus 1 & 2 Calculus 1 & 2 By A. A. Frempong Hardcover:
$76.00 $57.00
College Algebra & Trigonometry College Algebra &... By A. A. Frempong Hardcover:
$71.02 $63.92
College Algebra College Algebra By A. A. Frempong Hardcover:
$58.75 $49.94
Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra By A. A. Frempong Hardcover:
$50.40 $37.80

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