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Tom Swift and His Envirozone Revivicator By Victor Appleton II
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Number 1 in the re-imagined world of Tom Swift. Tom and Swift Enterprises is challenged by the international G20 Environmental Group to come up with a solution to the incredible pollution problems... More > plaguing world-wide industries. In the process, he develops a solution to the missing ozone layer, and tries to save a small African nation from death by dehydration. But, Tom has his enemies. A mysterious group of black MIG fighters try to thwart this ozone project while an evil African dictator in an adjoining country want to stop him from saving the 'dry' African nation. Is Tom capable of pulling off a double play?< Less
13—Tom Swift and the IntraEarth Invaders By Victor Appleton II
Paperback: $9.99
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Novel 13 in this new series has Tom Swift investigating a strange thrumming noise coming from deep below the high-security Helium City complex. A lengthy search to a match to the sounds does not bear... More > fruit and so he builds a series of probes to be lowered into both the gaseous helium as well as the previously unexplored liquid helium that lies miles under the ocean floor. He is surprised—more like shocked—to find several blobs of energy that are moving sluggishly in the highly-pressurized liquid emitting flashes of light. When he and his best friend, Bud Barclay, go down in a small sphere they are attacked, their communication line severed and they are left for dead. But, they manage to struggle out and Tom now believes he has a solid idea of the nature of these attacking energies. He makes an intergalactic call for help, and when it arrives everyone finds out more than they thought possible. They are in far greater danger than could be imagined. Can Tom put an evil Djinn back into the bottle?< Less
11—Tom Swift and the AntiInferno Suppressor By Victor Appleton II
Paperback: $9.99
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In this 11th Tom Swift adventure, the young inventor is faced with a series of terrorist-like attacks on major targets such as tinder-dry forests and oil refineries. Each time witnesses describe a... More > formation of mysterious black helicopters flying over minutes before explosions and flame erupt. As these take place all over the country he fears that there are many such attacking forces; it is the only thing that might explain their widespread attacks. When an old enemy surfaces begging for his help, he has to decide to help of ignore the plea, but at what cost? While attempting to find a way to put out these very large fires Tom recalls an old notebook discovered in his youth that might just hold a few answers. The only problem is that the very technology he has available today might doom his attempts when it proves to be too good. This story has a companion novella, Tom Swift and His Aerial Firetruck that details the earlier adventures of the original Tom Swift's fire fighting experiments.< Less
Tom Swift and the AntiInferno Suppressor By Victor Appleton II
Hardcover: $34.95
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In this hardbound edition of the 11th novel in The New Tom Swift Invention Series, someone is setting huge fires in an apparent attempt to draw Tom Swift into becoming involved in what looks like... More > terrorist attacks. When a near tragedy and a request from a dear friend finally do prompt the young inventor into action, he discovers that an old enemy may be behind these fires. As he tries to find a solution for fighting the fires--and hopes that the FBI might catch the perpetrators--Tom finds that the writings of his namesake, the original Tom Swift, may hold the clues to the answer he seeks. An entire notebook tells the story of the trials and successes of his ancestor. But can modern technology do what he wants? This volume contains both the novel as well as a novella that tells the story of the original Tom and his search to create an aerial firetruck.< Less

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