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14—Tom Swift and the Coupe of Invisibility (HB) By Victor Appleton II
Hardcover: $34.99
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In this hardbound edition of the 14th novel in the New Tom Swift Invention Series, Tom is approached by the U.S. Navy to do the impossible: make their RADAR-invisible ships truly invisible, even to... More > the human eye in broad daylight! Things progress almost too well before disaster strikes. During a test of a small car outfitted with the technology, a group of terrorists and turncoats kidnap Tom, nearly killing him as they steal the invisible coupe. He must come up with a way to not just see his nearly perfectly invisible car, he must also do it in some way so that he doesn't ruin its use in the Navy project. It is a balance of tasks that are almost too much for the young inventor to juggle. And, with the Navy and the FBI breathing down his neck, has Tom overstretched himself on this one?< Less
13—Tom Swift and the IntraEarth Invaders (HB) By Victor Appleton II
Hardcover: $34.99
Ships in 6-8 business days.
In this hardbound edition of the 13th novel in the New Tom Swift Invention Series, the young inventor is called down to Helium City to investigate strange noises that seem to be coming up from deep... More > within the wells themselves. This should be impossible because there are several miles of near absolute zero liquid helium down there. Several probes not only fail to find anything, at least one is attacked and lost. So, Tom and his best friend, Bud Barclay, undertake the dangerous mission to go down into the well to find out what is really going on. When that trip turns to near disaster, it is time to call in reinforcements. This comes in the form of an old friend who not only knows the truth must be discovered, he believes that it must be stopped at any cost!< Less
Tom Swift and the AntiInferno Suppressor By Victor Appleton II
Hardcover: $35.95
Ships in 6-8 business days.
In this hardbound edition of the 11th novel in The New Tom Swift Invention Series, someone is setting huge fires in an apparent attempt to draw Tom Swift into becoming involved in what looks like... More > terrorist attacks. When a near tragedy and a request from a dear friend finally do prompt the young inventor into action, he discovers that an old enemy may be behind these fires. As he tries to find a solution for fighting the fires--and hopes that the FBI might catch the perpetrators--Tom finds that the writings of his namesake, the original Tom Swift, may hold the clues to the answer he seeks. An entire notebook tells the story of the trials and successes of his ancestor. But can modern technology do what he wants? This volume contains both the novel as well as a novella that tells the story of the original Tom and his search to create an aerial firetruck.< Less
12—Tom Swift and the High Space L-Evator By Victor Appleton II
Paperback: $9.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
In this twelfth adventure in the new series, Tom Swift decides that his 4-year-old space station, the Outpost in Space, is getting too small. When you outgrow something you either make it larger or... More > you replace it. Tom's plan is not just ambitious, it is almost impossible. He want to build a giant space station capable of rotating to provide its 1,000 or more inhabitants with near Earth-like gravity and incredible surroundings. Two problems are in his way: money and getting all the materials up there. When even his own government appears to condemn his efforts Tom must turn to an alternate source for his building materials—mining what he needs from asteroids. But now he requires a way to transport raw materials to Earth and finished goods into orbit. The solution has never been tried except in science fiction. He decides to build a space elevator. But with so many challenges and even the United Nations looking like they want to take over the new station, he finds that he is just about on his own.< Less