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Broken By Rita Michaels
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Jessica Hanes’ life crumbles down the day her mother dies of a drug overdose. With no knowledge of a close relative, she is shuffled from one foster home to another. Her life is far from being... More > happy, or stable. She is broken. She yearns for a real family and a lovely home, and warms up to her new adoptive mother’s brother, who treats her like his little sister, but she is in for a surprise when she realizes he has a hidden agenda against her. She refuses to be a rape victim and takes an instinctive action against her aggressor. There is blood on her hands. She is on the run, but where can she hide?< Less
Falling Apart By Rita Michaels
eBook (ePub): $1.83
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Sofia meets George at Ecuador, and they fall in love. He proposes, marries, and sponsors her to Canada, then her nightmare begins. As a faithful and God-fearing Christian, who kicks against... More > divorce; despite her husband's callousness towards her, she struggles to keep her marriage alive, hoping he would change someday. But when George's abuse escalates, and her life is threatened, Sofia discards her ethics, and musters the courage to face the man she once loved but now dreads.< Less
Secret Love By Rita Michaels
eBook (ePub): $1.84
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Sienna Miller and Logan are high school sweethearts, who break up a night before their graduation. Ten years after, destiny brings them back together again. Sparks fly, but Logan is hesitant; their... More > relationship must stay a secret. Sienna understands why. Finally, after years of searching for a soul mate, Sienna is happily in love, until her illness returns, and her secret relationship with Logan is exposed. Their love is at stake. If they must be together, one of them must pay an expensive price, or they would both stay apart and heartbroken forever.< Less
Mermaid Spell By Rita Michaels
eBook (ePub): $1.83
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On a hot summer day, and on a popular beach; while soaking in the beauty of nature, Colin encounters an entity different from his kind. He is cast under a spell by a mermaid and sucked beneath the... More > beach water where he is taken to an unknown world. He is assigned on a mission against his human kind, and given certain rules to follow in exchange for his heart desire. With time, he gets too comfortable and breaks a golden rule requiring him to never fall in love with a woman. The consequences are dire, and there is no forgiveness in their book. Colin flees for his life, and protects the outcome of his disobedience; his unborn baby. Can he elude them, or will they catch up with him and end his life?< Less

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