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where my heart might have been By Kentrell Blanche
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this is by far one of my more personal collections of poetry. I feel that it touches every emotional. my ups, my downs; this is the truth behind the man that is always smiling, is so dependable, the... More > man that everyone looks up to. I seem to be able to introduce everyone to happiness but myself. and this is my story according to my own rhythm..< Less
the flowers that he gives when he's...sorry By Kentrell Blanche
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Crossed the finish line. Never felt so far behind. I'm so far behind. Nothing but wasted time Now that he's mine.. I can't remember Why I was in such a hurry, I can't remember What I saw in... More > him; I'm certainly not as optimistic As I was back then.. All I want is my happily ever after; He's still outlining His second chapter.. He has a good idea Of how he wants things to unfold; But, I've already accepted the fact That the tale will never be told this is perhaps one of my most personal collections. life is hard. being in love is hard. or rather, staying in love is hard. I'm not here to offer any answers or heal any broken hearts. I can only give you my side of the story.< Less
Silverware By Kentrell Blanche
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I don't want to run Because I don't want to stumble; I don't want to love Because I'm not that humble- I want exactly what I give; I'm no longer accepting Potential and tears.. I'm no longer making... More > room For a man Who spends more time apologizing Than making me laugh; I can come up with my own excuses For the past.. I don't want to fall Because The collision will hurt me; I don't want to give my all Because I've yet to find anyone To reimburse me- For putting it all On a silver platter, I've yet to find anyone To be there when it matters.. And it always matters! I would always appreciate Having someone To pick up the phone, I would always appreciate Being welcomed home.. But, I don't want to open that door Just to have a man Take my heart And dismantle it; And I don't want to Get caught up in excuses Because I feel I can handle it- So many times I've thought that I could handle it..< Less
Him By Kentrell Blanche
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This is probably The most inconsistent I have ever been; I vow to move forward Then, Get trapped in the thought Of what was back then.. I loved him- I love him Just as I always have; But, I fear... More > That is a forever That I will never get back.. He was the one- He is the one; Everything else is just an excuse To pretend That I have won< Less